Letters, October 2, 2014

sunsetting and the milky way, by Kev Pointon
sunsetting and the milky way, by Kev Pointon
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Free Press readers have their say

Lets have a debate which puts the race horses’ interests first

There has been an outraged response from the racing industry over the front-page Daily Mirror article (September 20) about the death of race horse Wigmore Hall. It was a piece that featured Animal Aid’s photographs of the horse being shot in the head at Doncaster Racecourse.

In supplying the images to the Mirror, our key motivation was to trigger a debate about the routine nature of equine deaths on British racecourses and the lengths to which the racing authorities go to conceal the reality. Around 200 horses die on courses every year and yet the industry’s self-governing regulatory body refuses to publish clear facts about how many horses die, where they die and from what injuries.

Instead, it talks of ‘deaths per runners’. Under this formulation, if two horses have 10 races each, and one dies, the fatality rate is logged as one death per 20 runners. This creates the impression that one out of 20 horses has died, when in fact one out of two horses has died.

Let’s have a debate on the basis of the facts, putting the interests of race horses at the heart of the matter.

Andrew Tyler, Director Animal Aid

New law is unnecessary

If a child was trapped in a burning building would you immediately run in and try to save him? Or would you not act at all, for fear of being blamed if the rescue does not go to plan?

If you don’t know what you are doing, or the smoke or heat is worse than you thought, you could end up needing to be rescued yourself and may endanger the child further by wasting time and resources.

The Social Action, Responsibility and Heroism Bill, aims to encourage ‘heroism’ by removing any fear of litigation. It asks the courts to take the intentions of a hero into account, even though the law already expects the courts to do this.

So, not only does this Bill run the risk of encouraging recklessness on the part of the would-be hero, it is also unnecessary.

No-one should be put off saving people through the fear of being sued. But if the Government believes that people don’t already understand their responsibilities under the law then, as the president of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) told MPs recently, an education campaign is needed to help people understand what the law expects, not pointless legislation which could create greater confusion.

John McQuater, Executive committee member of APIL, Atherton Godfrey Solicitors, Doncaster

Review will anger locals

The recent Boundary Review relating to Barnby Dun is yet another decision that will anger residents, since 2004 the last boundary review Barnby Dun has been with Kirk Sandall and Edenthorpe, all have seen significant change and a certain amount of prosperity from this Ward. I for one don’t want the change. As a ward Councillor I believe we are better together and as such have started a campaign “Better Together”. I have suggested to the commission to reduce the number of Councillors as they want to 2 but leave the ward boundary as it stands. I would ask that residents look out for notice of a public meeting and to make any objections to the commission through their web site.

Paul Bissett, Councillor for Barnby Dun, Edenthorpe, and Kirk Sandall.

Sort this mess out

Having recently read that we have a £2 billion bill due to botch births,it reminded me of the article printed in the Free Press dated 18th September regarding the Interpreter service that we supply to foreigners in our Country. It seems that Doncaster Council work hard to ensure that everyone who lives in Doncaster understand everything that can effect their lives, well what a shame that we who were born here do not get the same service, because in my opinion we certainly do not. Our former Mayor Peter Davies said he would stamp out the councils use of this translation service when he was elected in 2009, but since then the language bill as doubled. Now we have this huge bill because of botched births because of claims to the NHS for birth bungles. Foreign mothers are giving birth to 200,000 babies a year in this Country, and because of the shortage of midwives mistakes are being made. The article states that women are flying here to give birth on the NHS which is costing us a further £80million per year, when is this government going to stop all this and start to put the people who were born and bred here first. We have paid into the system all our lives but we are being treat unfairly. I have lived in this country all my life and I was on the waiting list for a Council bungalow for seven years, and because I own my home I am no longer eligible to have one and have been taken off the list. Foreigners who are coming into our Country are still being given houses, there is something very wrong here. Its time this government woke up before it is too late, it is very obvious to everyone that we are becoming the foreigners in our own country. I do not need to go abroad for my holidays anymore, I already feel like I am in another Country, it is feeling less like Britain everyday and it is getting worse. David Cameron, sort this mess out before it is too late, if you are unable to do it then let someone else in who can.

Sue Lister, Huntington Street, Bentley

Switch to free trade

We in England need jobs and switching to membership of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) is the easiest option for creating one million new jobs. Membership of EFTA will also allow for the UK to become more democratic.

EFTA is the European Free Trade Association, established in 1960, with Britain

As a founding member, as a simple free trade area, where decisions are made

by consensus, involving simple rules, and allowing each country to run its own

affairs. Britain left EFTA in 1972 to join the EEC (European Economic Community), which went on to become the EU (European Union). EFTA is still going, and going strong.

EFTA countries include, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Lichtenstein, and they all have good trading relations with countries in the EU, and in fact are involved indecision shaping’ in the EU. The unemployment rates of the EFTA states have been around two per cent to four per cent, even during the recession. EFTA states Norway and Switzerland have given their people a say, through referenda on whether to join the EU or keep their current arrangements. On all occasions the EU was rejected.

There are two options for being a member of EFTA and trading freely with the

countries in the EU. The first is EFTA/EEA. EEA is the European Economic Area, which gives members, free movement of: goods, services, capital and people. The EEA is economic not political. Britain is already in the EEA. The other option is an EFTA/bi-lateral agreement, which Switzerland has, which is a series of agreements covering goods, services, capital and people movement, and took from 1992 to 2002 to negotiate and then implement.

This paper favours the EFTA/EEA option as the option that would give the most

Benefits in the shortest possible time, and likely get the most votes in a referendum, and be the easiest to implement, since Britain is already in the EEA it would only take weeks to implement.

What would be the benefits of joining EFTA?

The changes would include new regulations per year: EFTA = 300, EU = 1000+.

Financial Contributions: EFTA £3B, EU £6B and rising.

Running own farming again, i.e. No Common Agricultural Policy.

Running own fisheries, i.e. No Common Fisheries.

Policy and return of the UK’s fishing waters.

Full responsibility for Justice (with one rule of law) and Home Affairs.

How would the new jobs be created? A reduction from 1000 to 300 regulations

per year, is a 70% reduction. Since EU regulations are estimated at five per cent of GDP, this would be comparable to a massive tax cut on business, equivalent to about 3.5 per cent of GDP for businesses and other organisations; making exporters competitive in more sectors.

As a nation we need a referendum on Britain’s future; should the UK remain in the uncompetitive and costly EU, or should it join the more dynamic and democratic European Free Trade Association.

Our future is in our hands: ‘Together we can!’

Eddie Story, Huintington Street, Bentley

Thanks for the backing

On behalf of the Friends of Doncaster Grand Theatre I would like to thank the Free Press for the two articles they published for me setting out details of our “Twice Nightly” show presented at the Trades Club in the Frenchgate Centre, which was a great success. It was almost a sell out with help from the Sheila and those working in the Club, nobody could have been more helpful. I have

had endless phone calls, e mails and messages of appreciation for a most enjoyable evening and Buffet Supper. The main message that comes through to me was the Location, easy access to the Interchange and to Parking without having to walk through town at night, I duly pointed out that this

would be the same with a walk through the Frenchgate Centre to the lift and escalators.

A big thank you to all those who helped to make a big success of “Twice Nightly” in a new and very pleasant Trades Club.

Margarter Herbert, Chairman, Friends of the Doncaster Grand Theatre

Do more for Doncaster

The Labour party conference illustrated how incompetent Labour are.

We heard Andy Burnham tell us how he is going to save the NHS then how Yvette Cooper is going to thwart this at every move by not introducing any control on immigration, Ed Balls raising the national minimum wage to £8 per hour across the board, this means small companies submitting net profits of upto £100,000. will have to pay the same as those who turnover millions, Miliband forgetting both immigration and the deficit.

This shower don’t even converse coherently with each other so how on earth can they connect with the electorate?

I’m sure the residents of Hexthorpe will be voting in their droves to welcome them with open arms, ready for the next installment of Labour’s social cohesion.

Maybe if they could all sit around the table and realise that continued mass migration and immigration will continue to destroy the NHS, the education system and add further problems to the already crumbling social housing system, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that!

I would like somebody to point out five good things Labour have done for the indigenous people of Doncaster and that includes the Labour run council who dance to the party whip tune and ignore the local electorate.

Is Ed Miliband and his party fit for government?

I think not!

Anne Rutherford, Norwood Road, Dunscroft

Please give us support

In the run up to the Yorkshire marathon on October 12 the RSPCA would like to ask your readers to come along and be part of our team of supporters.

The RSPCA - the country’s oldest and biggest animal charity - would like volunteers to come along and cheer our runners along the 26.2 mile route through beautiful Yorkshire countryside.

We would like our cheerers to join us at mile 7 next to the entertainment between 9am and 12pm.

As a fun twist, each of our runners have team cat or team dog t-shirts, depending on their favourite animal. We are asking all our volunteers to pick their own team and we will be providing, t-shirts, temporary tattoos, stickers and a pin to attach to your t-shirt on the day.

We would also love any runners who already have their own place to run for us too. Anyone who choses to run for the RSPCA will get a t-shirt, fundraising pack and after party. You can find more information on our website.

We would be so grateful for anyone who was able to give up their time on October 12 to come and join us and make a big difference for animals who really need our help.

Katie Sutcliffe, RSPCA Events Manager

Trying to find family

I am trying to trace my mothers side of the family. My mother was born at 32 Elm Place, Armthorpe, Doncaster, in February 1931. I think her mother with the people who were living there at the time. Their surname was Gummersall. My grandmother’s name was Lucy Biggs, but on my mothers birth certificate she was called Luch Evans which was her mother’s maiden name. She married an Edward Biggs. Lucy was born (we think in South Elmsall) then moved to Doncaster where she had my mother to a Thomas Scott. I’m unable to find a marriage for them so I don’t know if Lucy went on to marry someone else. Lucy gave my mother up as a baby but I can recall my mother saying that she had some brothers who were all deaf.Lucy was brought up in South Elmsall.

I am searching for anyone who knows of the Biggs or Evans Families from these areas.

Any information please phone Christine on Wakefield 01924 565820, if not available please leave a message and I will get back to you.

Thanks very much for your time.

Christine Spreadbury, Wakefield