Letters, October 18, 2012

An inquisitive squirrel pays a visit to Paige Evans, from Edlington, during a recent holiday.
An inquisitive squirrel pays a visit to Paige Evans, from Edlington, during a recent holiday.

On Thursday, October 11, I received a poll card notifying me of an election for a town councillor for Bawtry Town Council on Thursday, October 18.

The Poll Card informed me that if I wanted to apply for a postal vote the deadline for my application was Wednesday, October 3 and if I wished to vote by proxy I had to apply by October 10.

It seemed somewhat pointless to advise me that I could make these applications after the deadlines had already passed. If it was important for me to have this information why were the cards not issued earlier?

Turning to the election itself, at the date of writing (Sunday, October 14) the election is only four days away. Despite this I have not had any information from the candidates as to who they are or why they are standing for election.

Indeed I only found out who the (two) candidates were by taking the trouble to look at the Notice of Poll on the Town Council notice board.

In the absence of any information, how am I and the other electors to decide who to vote for – do I toss a coin?

The whole exercise would border on comical if it was not for the fact that elections cost a lot of money and the residents of Bawtry will be paying for it through their Community Charge.

By the time the issue of poll cards, election notices, printing of ballot papers, payment of polling staff, hire of polling station, count etc have been taken into account, the exercise will cost many thousands of pounds.

There are many important issues that need to be addressed in Bawtry but if this is how we go about the process of selecting the councillors then I don’t hold out much hope.

The total lack of information renders the whole costly process completely pointless, does nothing to further the democratic process generally, and provides every possible excuse for people not to bother to vote at all.

David Littlewood, Blenheim Rise, Green Park, Bawtry

The councillors should visit

May I respond to Mr Jennings of Armthorpe re: play park plagued by gangs at night in the October 4 edition.

When the matter came up at the parish council as to the site to be chosen for the play park, I spoke against the selection of Wickett Hern Road for the exact reasons in his letter.

The OAP bungalows are sited close to both the new play park and the skate park and will without a doubt suffer from the anti-social behaviour that is now occuring.

At that council meeting the councillors present took a vote and decided in favour of the Wickett Hern road site.

The former chairman of the council, along with other independent councillors present, voted in favour.

It would be more than a surprise for the councillors who voted for the site to reply to both my letter and Mr Jennings’ letter and get down at night to see the results of their decision, and to also take on the duties of locking up the park.  

Michael Hull, Haldynby, Gardens, Armthorpe

Thank you after fall in market

Through your paper can I thank the people of our town who came to the assistance of my husband who took ill in the market area on Friday, October 12.

We wish to thank the youths who assisted by fetching the two policemen, who came to our side to reassure and help out whilst alerting an ambulance crew who were very calm and caring towards us.

Also the market traders who came forward to offer their assistance. We were overwhelmed by everyone wanting to help us.

After four hours of excellent care by the hospital staff we arrived back home shaken up but with pride in the good people of Doncaster.

Thanks to you all and our best wishes.

The Barwise Family, St Leonards Lea, Scawsby

Too much money for the pay-offs?

I AM surprised that the Labour leader, Mr G Jones, did not mention the obscene pay offs to the so-called council fat cats running into millions; as a council tax payer it seems that this money is just confetti paper. Having being made redundant twice during my working life, it was laid down by Government what redundant employees received, depending on length of service, plus any severance pay that could be negotiated between unions and management, but in a redundancy situation, money was short.

In my view, as far as council officers in Doncaster are concerned, this does not apply to them.

Why did Mr G Jones not criticise the council officials earning more than the Prime Minister? Why have we got an elected mayor, plus an over-paid chief executive, and why the excessive number of councillors in these austere times?

Mr W F Bensley, Travis, Gardens, Hexthorpe

Can you help me to find Peter?

I’m looking for Peter Grocock, who went to school with my brother Keith Atick in Bentley. If anyone knows where he is, please get in touch. Keith would love to hear from you Peter.

Mr P Atick, Holly Drive, Bentley

Tell us how you raised money

on behalf of everyone at Arthritis Research UK I’d like to thank readers who held a fundraising event or helped us bust arthritis myths during our National Arthritis Week 2012, which ran from October 8-14.

Our recent research showed that many people believe common myths about arthritis, for example that it simply means ‘aches and pains as you get old’ or that you should not exercise if you have neck, back or joint pain.

In fact, arthritis can affect anyone at any age. Ten million people in the UK are affected and it is the biggest cause of pain and disability in the UK.

At the right level, exercise can ease stiffness, improve joint movement and strengthen muscles.

We are the only charity in the UK dedicated to researching all forms of arthritis. We receive no Government funding so we rely entirely on the generosity of the British public to continue funding world class research.

Many thanks again from all of us here at Arthritis Research UK for supporting our National Arthritis Week 2012.

We’d love to see photos of your fundraising activities so do share them with us at www.facebook.com/arthritisresearchuk and www.twitter.com/arthritisruk.

Dr Liam O’Toole, Chief Executive

Disgusted by the increases in gas

like all other householders I’m shocked and disgusted by having to suffer yet another price rise by British Gas.

Many in the United Kingdom may not believe it but our future is in our hands. However we are running out of time; we have polluted and peopled our planet to the brink of extinction at a suicidal rate.

We need to get away from reliance on Russian gas and Middle East oil, which we’ve become too dependent on.

The answer lies with water, yes, good old H2O which contains two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen and it’s all around us; the technology is available to turn water into GAS (Browns Gas) which, when mixed with petrol for example, will reduce petrol consumption by 40%, plus at some point it may be able to be added to domestic gas supplies, who knows?

In the mean time we need to develop nuclear power to free us from the clutches of money-grabbing gas and electricity moguls who are ripping us off.

To see how Browns Gas can be beneficial to our transport industry, look it up on YouTube; or use the following link; http://youtube/iHdDA_XXSps and see very cheap Browns Gas heating a house in America. However it needs more development before it can be safely used at home.

I believe it will come but when I can’t say. Until then I’ll continue to live in hope that one day we will all have the last laugh on rip-off British Gas.

Eddie Storey, UKIP Member

The Guards are an inspiration for all

were you fortunate to be there last friday cheering on the Coldstream Guards as they took the salute outside the Mansion House? If not you missed a rare treat. What a beautiful heart-warming and uplifting sight to see the spectacular, colourful parade, with children lifted high to see their ‘toy soldiers’ come to life.

I had the privilege to accompany Bill Hutchinson, a 92 year old veteran of the Guards, to the service at the Minster for the Laying up of Colours for safekeeping.

The Regimental Band played on inside the Minster and it was just perfect listening to the North Country Airs amongst other favourites.

The mood of the nation is not good at the moment and Friday was a day that lifted our spirits!

This country is on a downward spiral with a Government that does not govern, a police force who seem not to be able to police anymore and the unemployed have lost their sense of purpose.

What happened on Friday was just what was needed; that same feeling that the Olympics and the Diamond Jubilee brought to everyone in Britain. I felt proud to be British! Thank you Doncaster for making my day; a silver lining really did shine through.

Jean Elliott, Bellrope Acre, Armthorpe

* Sneaky little squirrel pays Paige a visit

Reader Paige Evans got a surprise when this cute squirrel paid her a visit whilst she was on holiday.

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