Letters, November 1,2012

This littering is a malicious act

I AM contacting you with reference to an article in the Doncaster Free Press on Thursday, October 25 (Angry residents want litter action).

Gill Gillies commented that “Now we have been alerted to the frequency of this problem at Micklebring our officers will be patrolling the area”.

I am the gentleman referred to in paragraph two but have actually had my hip broken (as a pedestrian) in an incident with a motor vehicle.

This was on August 9 whilst I was gathering up newspapers from the grass verge.

I had the hip plated at DRI on August 10 but have had to have two more visits to theatre and unfortunately the repair has not gone well, so I am now on a two month waiting list for a ‘new’ hip.

For several months before this incident, I had been litter picking in the village as, since retirement, I have the time and thought I should put something back into my community.

It quite quickly became apparent that the torn up newspapers were not coming from recycling lorries - as at first suspected - but are a particularly irritating malicious act.

Extra patrols will NOT catch this individual(s) as myself and many other residents have been on the lookout all year.

What is needed is a remote surveillance camera - and WHEN the person is caught they should get severely punished - as these acts have led directly to the incident which resulted in my broken hip.

This is not a case of simple littering but a CRIMINAL act. South Yorkshire Police are, as usual, no help and merely keep referring me to DMBC!

Roger Goodman Greaves Syke Lane Micklebring

This is no lesson for children

I HAVE recently attended Sunday morning football matches and I would normally have considered it good entertainment but I am appalled by the use of foul language.

They all seem to have a degree in it and I feel very sorry for the referees.

What upsets me most of all is the number of very young children who are on the sidelines listening to this who will grow up accepting this as the norm.

Don’t people realise that to use this kind of language only shows them up as to having very little vocabulary?

As to the spectators, I am very surprised at the so called ‘dog lovers’ who allow their animals to foul a playing field. Very few pick it up and put it in the bin or take it home.

So come on - let everyone clean up their act.

Name and address supplied

We’d like to meet our cruise pals

I WONDER if your readers could help me to locate someone who lives in your area of distribution.

I am trying to find a couple called Lesley and her husband, Neville, who we met on a cruise on the Thomson dream from May 26 to June 2 this year.

Lesley does a lot of work for the Help for Heroes charity and her husband Neville suffers from Parkinson’s Disease.

We got to know them both really well and enjoyed their company all through the week. We did arrange to exchange names, addresses and phone numbers but unfortunately I was taken ill on leaving the ship and missed them on the flight home.

If anyone knows them, I would be very grateful if you could pass on our details to them as we’d very much like to hear from them.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Kathy and Brian Wilson, 12 Foxdale Avenue, Thorpe Willoughby, Selby, Tel; 01757 704226

We don’t want to lose this building

My husband and I have been watching for a long time to see what would happen to the old fire station.

We had hoped that someone with money and imagination would turn the front part into wonderful maisonettes with garage space underneath.

We were briefly heartened to see some recent activity and hoped that as the demolition work we saw was happening at the back, perhaps our hopes, in some form, were to be realised.

It appears that it is not to be. Despite promises that our heritage in Doncaster is going to be preserved, once again it looks as if “they” are going to let a lovely old building be demolished.

What is worse, it is being done sneakily so we suspect nothing until we wake up one morning and find it gone, like the old infirmary and much of the town centre.

It will probably be too late by the time you receive this letter. Perhaps the Girls’ High School is doomed too.

Janet McCulloch, Grosvenor Crescent, Warmsworth

Motorway tax is a terrible idea

Is there NO end to the stupidity of this Government?

They are supposed to be trying to keep down inflation, so what are they going to do higher tax on vehicles using the motorways.

Just how do they think food, fuel and everything else gets to the retail outlets? Dropped by helicopter perhaps? Delivered by boat?

If this taxation goes ahead we will all pay extra on everything we buy. The public know this - how come the dim-witted politicians can’t get their heads around it?

David Croucher, Pinfold Gardens, Fishlake

Why not help to run a charity

As Trustees’ Week begins I would like to encourage your readers to become trustees of local charities.

Trustees play an important role in the overall management of charities and offer strategic direction. As the chairman of the volunteering and learning charity CSV, I have seen first hand how expertise in management, finance and marketing can help a charity thrive.

I If you have professional skills to offer, or if you have a personal interest in a particular charity, then get in touch with CSV.

We can match your skills to a charity in your local area. Visit www.csv.org.uk/professionals for more information.

Sir Jon Shortridge, Chairman at CSV