Letters, May 5, 2011

IN response to Richard Wrigleys column in the Doncaster At Work section (DFP April 28).

His idea for horse manure is typical of the ideas that are doing this country no good.

There are too many firms now trying to invent green/low carbon ideas to simply cash in on the huge grants available to that sector. The problem with this is that EU cash is not free. We, the UK taxpayers, paid it to the EU, who then gives some of it back to us.

He bases his figures on the manure from 100,000 horses and says it’s going to waste in fields. The manure in fields does not go to waste. It is the natural fertilizer for the grass fields the horse graze on. Remove all the manure and you remove nutrients from the fields that then has to be added back by manufactured fertilizer which itself uses lots of carbon in its manufacture. So by creating a ‘green’ power source you create more pollution elsewhere to replace the lost nutrients.

The most efficient use for horse manure is what it has been used for generations, putting back on the land for fertilizer by the local people and farmers. It’s the basic cornerstone of sustainable use as its nutrients’ break down to make more grass/crops.

Meanwhile, in the same DPF issue, we have UK coal wanting to re-open a local coal mine creating many jobs in an industry that is proven to produce power. Surely cash should be spent on genuine long-term schemes like clean coal power station technology so we can use the huge local coal deposits to supply local power stations.

Some green power like hydro is great, but let’s not throw cash at other ideas that are not cost effective just because they are green for the sake of it.

The whole ‘green/carbon’ craze is costing the UK tax, jobs and its future as its adds cost to production, which is then undercut by firms abroad. Yes let’s recycle, cut waste and pollution, but in thought-out sensible ways that don’t cost the taxpayer or disadvantage Doncaster and the UK to our competitors.

William Shaw (UKIP), Old Denaby, Doncaster

Park-keepers are needed

I FEEL that I must respond to the report ‘Park plants are nicked’ (DFP, April 28).

Up until March 31 2011. I was in charge of a team of dedicated men who were undertaking NVQ Level 1 in horticulture in Sandall Park, who were responsible for making the park a safer place, working alongside Sandra and Don Crabtree, Friends of Sandall Park, by removing all brambles and undergrowth all through the park and the former golf course. We also planted over 100 hawthorn saplings, particularly along the north bank, and 50 one-year-old oak saplings, which were kindly donated, which I know have mostly been pulled out and thrown about.

We also removed the old boathouse foundation and replaced it with turf. Why do a few mindless morons spoil the enjoyment of hundreds, if not thousands of visitors? It’s about time something was done about the scum who spoil the enjoyment of others.

The worst thing that ever happened is taking away discipline at school level. I was a bit of a tear-away as a youngster, but a kick up the backside or a clip around the ear from our local bobby did me no harm and he taught me how to respect the things around me. What Sandall Park needs is a permanent warden with a team of men to ensure the safety and respect of the park. It’s about time Doncaster Council found funding to employ a park-keeper and a team of dedicated men like myself and the men that worked with me.

John Middleton, Guildford Road, Wheatley

Views wanted on heart unit

THERE is no doubt that there is considerable local support for the unit at Leeds General Infirmary and ‘people power’ is clearly strong, but I must stress that this is not a vote.

Decisions will be made based on thorough and robust analysis of the impact of each proposal on those currently using children’s congenital heart services or providing them and whether the proposals will result in better outcomes for all babies and children born with complex heart conditions – which has to be our main priority.

A significant part of what we will be looking at during this time includes what you tell us in response to the proposals currently being consulted on. The public really do have an opportunity to directly influence the outcome of this review.

No decisions have yet been made and all responses will be considered. I encourage as many people as possible to fill out a response form at www.ipsos-mori.com/safeandsustainable or submit a response to the freepost address on our website at www.specialisedservices.nhs.uk/safeandsustainable

Jeremy Glyde, safe and sustainable programme director, National Specialised Commissioning Team

Why the split on AV?

NOW that all the election rants are over for another year, is it not time for the Labour Party, both nationally and locally, to be honest to people on just what there policies are?

Could they please answer one question to the Doncaster electorate; why did your leader push for a yes vote on AV and yet the rest of the MPs were split?

Is it not fact that if any Doncaster Labour Party member either put their name as a signature on anyone’s but a labour candidates election form or they were found to have voted for any other political party candidate they would be automatically expelled, but yet as a Labour party member you cannot vote for whom you think is the best candidate or whom cares for your community.

In the next few weeks all committees and the mayor’s cabinet will be decided and where will the Labour group members align themselves?

Mr A Colcombe, Shaftesbury Avenue, Intake

Looking for former members

THE British Korean Veterans’ Association is trying to contact former members of HM Armed Forces who served in Korea/Japan from 1950-53 or with the peace-keeping Force 1953-57.

A SAE would be appreciated for return correspondence,

Brian Hough, 116, Fields Farm Road, Hattersley, Hyde, Cheshire, SK14 3NP

Congratulations Doncaster


I WOULD just like to congratulate Doncaster Rovers on securing another season of Championship football.

It has been a long hard season and a little bit tense at times over the last few weeks but it was good to see Sean O’Driscoll’s side dig deep and finally get the points needed to take them over the finish line against Leicester City on Saturday.

Although Rovers won’t have the pleasure of hosting local derbies against the likes of Sheffield United and Scunthorpe United next season, we can still look forward to some exciting clashes against teams such as Leeds United, Hull City and Derby County. So well done to John Ryan, Sean O’Driscoll and all the players - and also the supporters - for all playing their part in keeping the Rovers up. Well done lads!

J Burke, Jefferson Avenue, Clay Lane, Doncaster