Letters, May 17, 2012

IN reply to your correspondent regarding doctor’s appointments, I can say that the change wished for is already here in Doncaster.

It was in 2008 that the government instructed all primary care trusts to establish a surgery in each town that would be open for twelve hours a day, 365 days a year.

The then director of the PCT attended a scrutiny meeting of the council and, at the suggestion of Coun John McHale, agreed that two patient representatives should sit on the panel considering applications for the operation of the centre. I was fortunate enough to be chosen.

At meetings of the panel, and at interviews with the applicants, I was able to raise all of the issues referred to by your correspondent and many others.

When the eight to eight opened in April 2009, I promptly transferred. Yes, all my expectations have been met. The service is first class with every issue I raised at the meetings fully dealt with. A great advantage at this surgery is the presence of what I believe are called nurse practitioners who can deal with most things, including issuing prescriptions, thus enabling the doctors to devote time to the more serious health issues.

For those who are interested, the eight to eight is located in The Flying Scotsman Centre located on Trafford Way a short walk from the railway station.

Mr Robin L Wilkins, Chantry Close, Doncaster

What happened to the votes?

I WOULD like to know, through your paper, to ask whatever happened to our postal voting papers, also our voting cards?

I know a lot of people who did not get either.

It’s no wonder the voting figures are done.

Mr George Gracey, Westfield Crescent, Askern

Let’s use hydro energy

CAN someone explain to me why we are persisting with these grotesque energy inefficient wind farms, which only appear to turn 50 per cent of the time, when we have so many fast running tidal rivers in this country which flow one way or the other for approx 22 hours a day, 365 days of the year?

Surely with all the fantastic brains in this country, someone could come up with an efficient hydro-turbine that could be used to harness this energy

Dave Croucher, Pinfold Gardens, Doncaster

Thank You Mr Mayor

I’M not a political person and I don’t give a darn which party he belongs to, but I would like people to know what a decent and pleasant person we have looking after our town in Peter Davies.

He’s approachable and concerned with the needs of us all. He’s a good listener and you can be sure he understands and acts on what he sees and hears as he quietly goes about his business. No airs and graces, just good solid work for the community.

Thank you Mr Mayor.

M Hepworth, Common Lane, Auckley

Independents down to one

CONGRATULATIONS to the voters of Thorne for re-electing Coun Martin Williams to be their representative on Doncaster Council.

Martin is now the only independent councillor on DMBC. The people of Thorne were not fooled by Labour’s claim that ‘A vote for us is a vote against the coalition’.

Labour has been messing up Doncaster for years – not the coalition.

They elected Martin Williams because he lives in the town, cares about the people and has a proven track record of doing his best for those he represents. Local politics has nothing to do with the Government and the coalition. It’s about the right person for the job in Doncaster, and Martin is certainly that.

We need more independent councillors in to represent the people in Doncaster, rather than those who are there just to ‘toe the party line’.

Tony Brookes, Windyridge, Fieldside, Thorne

I remember the real glory days

IN Paul Goodwin’s interesting article on Doncaster Rovers he refers to Sean O’Driscoll’s methods as boosting the reputation ‘like never before during the club’s 103 years history.

Presumably this reporter had not been born when Irish international Peter Doherty was Rovers player manager.

Rovers were in the second division along with such clubs as Spurs, Fulham, Liverpool and I was there as a spectator when Rovers had their biggest gates.

Their opponents Hull City another player manager Raich Carter England International, Hull’s left winger was Bentley born Eddy Burbanks, formerly with Carter at Sunderland.

Surely these were Rovers golden days. A pity Rovers don’t attract these crowds today.

Maurice Coupe, 85. previous Doncaster Free Press Editor for 25 years. (retired)

Thanks for your vote

IT is a great privilege to have been elected as councillor for Edlington Warmsworth and Conisbrough on 3 May, and my thanks to every resident who voted, whomever they chose to support.

Whilst I am flattered to have been elected, I have no doubt that voters in this ward and across Doncaster, wanted to register their discontent with the Tory-led Government, and its Lib Dem junior partners, who have put our country back into recession, damaged our NHS, cut policing and doubled Doncaster’s youth unemployment in the past year.

I hope the Government hears that message loud and clear, changes course and adopts a plan to create new jobs and growth.

Since Christmas, I and my Labour colleagues have spoken to over 2,000 residents face to face, and with Coun Elsie Butler, Coun Bob Johnson and Caroline Flint, I fully intend to support residents’ concerns, needs and hopes in the months ahead.

I thank those residents for the opportunity to do so as your Labour councillor.

Phil Cole, Labour Councillor for Edlington & Warmsworth ward

Great service from the sister

OVER recent years the NHS has come under much scrutiny and criticism.

I would like to make you aware of my own recent experience of the NHS. My late husband, James Moore, had been terminally ill and had been visited by many different nurses and medical staff when I needed yet again to call for help from the NHS.

In response to my call for help, Sister Beverley Walls, ‘Sister B’, visited us at home for the first time when I and my family were in desperate need.

Within just a few hours of the very same days visit, Sister B arranged for delivery of a hospital bed, mattress, commode, medication, a care package and carers (even a carer to stay all through the night to help my husband).

This entire package of help and reassurance was provided within just a few hours of Sister B’s first visit. The sister was thorough, caring, supportive, and a credit to your department and the NHS.

I would like you to personally thank this particular sister on my behalf for dealing with my late husband’s problems and condition and helping me and my late husband through an extremely difficult time.

Mrs Yvonne (Bonnie) Moore and Family, Exeter Road, Doncaster

It’s a driver’s nightmare

I WOULD like to let off steam about the idiotic traffic management through Armthorpe.

If you are unfortunate enough to get behind a bus from opposite the Wheatsheaf public house and intend to travel to town then you are in deep trouble because the buses don’t now use lay-bys and just stop in mainline traffic.

You are stranded until it decides to move off.

As you travel along Doncaster Road up to the Sandringham Road roundabout still unable to overtake the bus it stops that close to the traffic islands that you are still stuck behind this bus.

It is not until you get to the hospital bus shelter that the driver pulls in and you can pass on your way to town.

I personally think that this hideous situation is detrimental to the bus company as they are trying to get people to us public transport.

Many thanks.

A most disgruntled motorist.

Ian Keith, Meltonfield Close, Armthorpe

We need you to volunteer

THE British Heart Foundation (BHF) is the nation’s heart charity. We have been seeking support from your readers to join our hearty volunteer network in the area.

Your readers have been putting their hearts into volunteering in our local BHF shops, on the street raising money at collections and by organising events in the community.

We just couldn’t do our vital work without their support and that is why I am writing to thank them.

The BHF is dedicated to fighting heart and circulatory disease and supporting families affected with this debilitating disease.

We always look for new volunteers and we hope that more of your readers will feel inspired to join our life-saving charity. We truly value the time you have to give and you can volunteer in whatever way you like.

The BHF has lots of different roles to suit the time people can give, from a few hours in a local furniture and electrical store to putting on a fundraising event. Volunteers could even become campaigners and help to deliver better heart health services in their community.

Giving a hand to the BHF is easy and fun as well as being extremely rewarding and great for your wellbeing. So why not be inspired by visiting bhf.org.uk/volunteer and listen to why some our volunteers give us their valuable time.

Chrish Perera, Head of Volunteer Fundraising in the East Midlands and North of England, BHF, Unit 4, The Willows, Ransom Wood Business Park, Southwell Road West, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, NG21 0HJ

Where to go for help

WITH many blind and partially sighted readers not knowing where to turn for help with housing, money matters, transport or employment, Action for Blind People has produced a free guide, called Getting On,

It’s designed to help local people with sight loss to access services and support from voluntary and statutory organisations.

In some cases, the provider will be Action for Blind People. We’re experts in employment and training, welfare advice, housing, and services for visually impaired young people.

Action for Blind People is a not-for-profit organisation. We want to be at the heart of the community, working alongside other charities, businesses and individuals to help people with sight loss retain their independence and get on with their lives.

Readers can order a free copy of Getting On and find contact details of Action for Blind People’s local team by phoning 0303 123 9999.

You can download.

Elizabeth Percy,

Action for Blind People, Head of North East Teams, Fairfax House,

Merrion Street,