Letters, May 14 2015

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Free Press readers’ have their say

Let’s not forget the services that make a difference

All too often many of us are quick to criticise and complain about local services. We think it’s about time that these pages saw some positivity.

We would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude for the exceptional and outstanding services that we have recently received.

On March 16 this year, my mother-in-law June sadly passed away from bladder cancer.

She very courageously fought this terrible disease for a year, with various treatments and surgery. Following a few months of remission, she was diagnosed with terminal cancer of the lymph nodes and lymphoedema, in January 2015.

At a time like this, the patient requires a lot of emotional and physical support, and so does the patient’s family.

Myself and my husband accessed quite a few different services during this time, they were all helpful and very welcome. However, two of these supportive services really stood out, firstly, St John’s Hospice , which was June’s choice of place to spend her final days, not only did she receive the most exceptional care for the final three days of her life, but so did we, her family.

It is naturally hard to take in when somebody close to you is going to die. You have questions and concerns surrounding this.

The staff on every level at St John’s Hospice did their absolute best to ensure that we were kept fully informed of what to expect, whilst at the same time ensuring all June’s required care needs were appropriately met, St John’s made June comfortable and pain free, nothing at all was too much trouble.

We understand that hospice medical staff are specially trained to be able to deal with end of life and palliative care to patients, but we, June’s family were treated with empathy and respect too. June maintained her dignity until the end, that to these special people. After care to the patient’s family from St John’s is also exceptional. We believe many others will have found this service beneficial and appreciated it as much as we did. We would recommend to anyone in a similar situation to seriously consider this wonderful place to rest and maybe ‘allow nature to take its course.’

Secondly, the DMBC HEART team pendant alarm system emergency responders who attended June’s home two days prior to her hospice admission, were fantastic. These two ladies who attended were kind and sympathetic people who dealt with the situation in a prompt, yet patient manner.

They calmly contacted my husband and the ambulance service at 2am outlining the situation. This is an extremely valuable service which enables many to maintain independence in their own homes for as long as is possible.

We are lucky to have these services in place and I think sometimes we do need to take a step back and see that the people doing these jobs are amazing individuals who deserve praise, and heartfelt thanks for making an already difficult time slightly easier to bear.

Thank you to St John’s Hospice and the HEART Team for everything that you did to help us, your kindness and understanding really will never be forgotten.

Emma & Anthony Coxon, Doncaster


Living with ME

When my ME was at its worst, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t go out.

Even washing my hair was tiring.” This is what one woman living with the chronic, disabling condition Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) told us about her experience for May’s ME Awareness Month.

On top of symptoms including pain, cognitive difficulties and post-exertional malaise – the body’s inability to recover after expending even small amounts of energy – people with ME often face a lack of understanding about the condition from those around them.

How does it feel to live with this every day? You can find out at www.actionforme.org.uk/get-the-facts or Tel: 0117 937 6620

Sonya Chowdhury, Chief Executive, Action for M.E. 42 Temple Street, Keynsham BS31 1EH


Thanks for voting Green

Last year Doncaster Green Party had 15 members, it now has 113.

Nearly 10,000 Doncaster people voted for the Green Party in last Thursday’s local elections. Six Green Party parish councillors were elected. Thanks to everybody for their support. For more information see the Doncaster Green Party Facebook website.

Doug Wright, Chantry Close, Cantley


Voters got it wrong

Despite the mathematically challenged pollsters and BBC bias, the people again rejected the party that started the war in Iraq on a lie, opened the floodgates to immigration and destroyed the economy.

Again, Doncaster backed losers. Given that others are prospering while we languish in the third most impoverished area in Western Europe, one would think voters would get the connection between supporting the anti-business party and being poor.

Dunlop Griffith, Hyde Park, Doncaster


Thanks for voting

Through your letters page I would like to thank all the residents of Hatfield/Hatfield Woodhouse/Dunscroft/Dunsville and Lindholme/Red House Park, for taking the time and the effort to vote on the May 7. A special thank you to everyone who made the right decision to vote for UKIP.

UKIP returned outstanding results in the Hatfield and Rossington/Bawtry wards. I would like to congratulate my UKIP colleagues Jessie Credland and Clive Stone for securing places on Doncaster Council.

UKIP also managed to secure three Hatfield Town Councillors, a huge leap forward for UKIP in Doncaster.

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the residents of the village of Dunsville, for re-electing me as their representative on Hatfield Town Council. I will not let them down. Now I come to two special ladies who have stood by me when times were hard. Firstly, my agent Mrs Joyce Hunt and lastly, but by no means least, my partner Janet Omar who has stood by me through thick and thin.

Mick Glynn, Hatfield Town Councillor (UKIP), Doncaster Road, Hatfield



Congratulations to the Con Party, RIP the NHS.

Now that Mr Cameron is in power again, the less well-off in this country should prepare to tighten their belts even more and start hunting around for some form of Health Insurance and expect an increase in soup kitchens.

I expect Mr Cameron to get one or two minor concessions from Europe and then using them to declare that a in/out referendum is unnecessary.

I expect a rise in the wealth of the rich and no change on our borders situation, privatisation will rocket and more successful public-owned businesses will be sold off at a lower than market value.

I do find it ironic that they are very willing to follow the health privatisation course of the Americans, yet will not impose the same immigration points systems practised by America, Australia.

David Croucher, Pinfold Gardens, Doncaster