Letters, May 12, 2011

DONNY to be a city? (Free Press, May 5).

While it’s great thinking ‘ya’ donny might be a ‘city’ - whippee.

Can we humble earners afford to live in a city? After all, if it were to be, it only puts coffers in the council pocket.

We workers, as tax-payers, would have to pay more being in a city. The businesses and shops alike will have to pay higher rates. ‘City rates’ that will, in the end, affect spending power and the cost of living.

I do not wish to pay higher prices. Not in dirty Donny. Unfinished projects, dirty waters, rubbish everywhere. Bad road repair management. The money already being paid is not going where it should be spent. The tax payer is paying for luxuries.

Being made a city means they can charge more money, More, more, more to waste on unconventional things.

If I could afford to live in a city, York or Edinburgh would be my choice, not dirty Donny.

However that said, Donny has the potential. I do not think the councillors appreciate it, they are too busy cost cutting in the wrong places.

K E Betts, Station Road, Arksey

What happened to letters’ page?

AS an avid reader of the Free Press Freeviews page, and indeed a sometimes contributor to the same, may I ask a question, which I am sure must be on the minds of many readers; why on earth has the Free Press, down sized this page (Freeviews, May 5)?

I believe this feature of your rag is one of the main reasons that the loyal public of Doncaster cough up 17/6 -in old money - to read what the general public think about local issues, indeed it is the public’s ‘soap box’

Mick Glynn, Hatfield town councillor, Doncaster Road, Hatfield.

Editor’s note: Due to Easter, the Royal Wedding and the May Bank holiday, our deadlines were earlier and our postbag was smaller than usual.

Watch out for the donkeys

FOLLOWING last week’s elections it has become apparent that, especially around Rossington, an increase in the population of donkeys has come about. These donkeys can be seen wandering around the green belt of the village.

Following the election, they seem to have been given free roam of the village can now be found nibbling at the structure of buildings.

The library would seem to be under threat from these wild and out-of-control donkeys, as, I have been told, they have an appetite for books.

These beasts of burden are easily led and should be kept out of our village. Why can’t DMBC pest control keep them away from the decent residents of the village?

Issabella Wringing, Cross Street, Rossington

Thanks, I will work for you

I WOULD just like to thank Askern Spa residents for their support in the elections. I will work with my fellow Labour councillors to serve the ward.

Coun Alan Jones, Campsall Balk, Norton

Join our group for days out

THE DonMag over 50s Group (Doncaster Mature Action Group) decided that now spring has shown its face we will celebrate by jaunting off to see Winthrop Park at Wickersley, Rotherham, for the second time, only this time, it would be in Winthrop’s springtime colours, giving a different aspect to our visit in September.

None of us can understand why this unsung gem of a park has received so little publicity - remaining a virtual secret, seeing it is now in its sixth year.

Winthrop Park was the vision of a local couple who, after the husband had recovered from a serious illness, decided it would be a grand idea to bring hope to others in creating a beautiful, quaint and quirky, sensuous garden.

The park has now acquired charity status and was lucky enough to receive a visit from HRH Princess Anne not too long ago. This is only a sample of what the members from DonMag Group do.We usually feature a speaker, or if not that, a social function.

We meet every third Tuesday of the month at 1.30pm in the meeting room at Doncaster Central Library in Waterdale. Our next meeting, on May 17, will feature an amusing film show hosted by Pete Bonsall.

Barbara North, publicity officer, Jean Elliott (speaker finder), DonMag, Chequer Avenue, Hyde Park.

Footie match was great night

CONGRATULATIONS to Nathan Atkinson and all his helpers for organising the charity football match at the Keepmoat between Celebrity Allstars and Doncaster teachers. It was a brilliant night and I am sure raised a lot of money for the NSPCC. Well done Nathan.

Maureen Fitzsimons, St Mary’s Drive, Dunsville

Editor’s note: The event raised a fantastic £17,000 for the children’s charity. See our report on Page 31.

Why was event not covered?

THIS is an open letter to the Free Press, free as in free speech, free country etc,

On May 4 a presentation was made to the charity ‘Help for Heroes’, a small amount, £550 but handed over with pride.

Pride in the shape of a young man called Ben Parkinson who gave up his time along with his lovely mum and step dad to come along and accept this cheque.

Unfortunately the press were not so generous with their time, It would appear this is no longer news! Why?

And especially now in the he wake of Bin laden’s death when the world is holding its breath awaiting the backlash.

Why? I fear we will see many more young men and women in need of support from this charity and many more ordinary people glad to give their time to help. Let’s hope your paper is amongst them because those brave young people are keeping the word free alive.

Kathleen Mangham, Kind Edward Road, Doncaster

Editor’s note: We do cover many of the events held in aid of Help for Heroes, irrespective of the amount of money raised, and the Free Press is a great supporter of the work Ben - whom the newspaper fundraised to buy an adapted car for - does but, unfortunately, we are not able to cover every event or presentation.

Who would do this to a bird?

For the past few years Don and Sandra Crabtree, with the help of Friends of Sandall Park, have transformed Sandall Park from a rubbish tip to what it is now a lovely, looked-after park and very popular with families, who appreciate what has been done.

What a pity that the person who took the flowers and grasses from the boat, and the person who let his/her dog kill a cygnet did not feel the say way. Flowers can be re-planted, a cygnet cannot.

Marianne Downing, Lowfield Road, Wheatley Hills

Stop for a chat if you see us

FIRST, could I thank Thorne Hatfield Woodhouse and Lindholme community members for voting in the election.

The result was fantastic, electing the youngest Labour councillor that Doncaster has ever had. Rachel (Hodson) will make a very good councillor, working hard in your community. Thorne ward was not put off due to Rachel’s age, giving her a large majority and the confidence too.

I am looking forward to working with Rachel. We will visit as many community members as possible.

The year ahead will be a difficult year as the cuts, which this coalition Government has thrust upon us all, bite. However, if I, or Rachel, can help in anyway please get in touch.

I have met many community members and the ones that stand out are typical Thorne people they are warm and friendly. If you see us out and about please stop us for a chat.

Councillor Eddie Dobbs

Why not let us help ourselves?

ON Monday, May 9, there was an article on the BBC Breakfast show from the weekly market held at Epping Forest.

The stall-holders had signs above his/her stalls showing ‘please select your own goods’.

What a difference that is from our market where you are told not to touch the goods, we will get them from the rear of the stall.

Maybe many more people would use the market rather than the supermarket for fruit and vegetables if this was so. What about giving it a go you stall holders?

Stuart Exelby, Carr View Avenue, Balby

Thank you for your support

THROUGH your newspaper, I would like to thank the voters of Rossington who elected me as their new Labour councillor.

I look forward to the challenge ahead and, together with my Labour colleagues, intend to work hard for the residents of Rossington.

Hilary McNamee, Councillor for Rossington ward

Changes to bus fares not fair

FURTHER to your article about changes in bus fares, I would like to inform you of the ridiculous situation for bus route 16 - Doncaster to Alverley Lane.

It seems (and bus drivers were not aware of this) that the £3 day ticket is only available from the dump-it site and not the terminus, which is about a further quarter of a mile, although your article said the limit was the A1 roundabout.

What on earth are First Travel thinking about? They are supposedly trying to get people back onto the buses and they do something stupid like this.

Are you prepared to take this up with them?

Bob Wilkinson, Balby

Editor’s note: We contacted First and this is what Brandon Jones, commercial director/ deputy managing director, said: “The £3 day ticket trial is based on the £1.60 point to and from the town centre.

“With such trials there has to be a boundary point for each route. In fact for service 16 we extended the £1.60 point from Oswin Avenue to the dump-it site to encourage more people to try the bus!

“We have to select the boundary point position carefully both in terms of customer demand, sensible pricing limits and known land-marks. The boundary points are not therefore always geographically exactly the same, for example the A1 roundabout for services 15 & X78.

“Of course in all cases we will review the boundary points and take this suggestion into account where we believe we can increase sufficient passengers to cover the price reduction.”