Letters, March 24, 2011

AS parents of a son who attends a social education centre, we endorse everything that Carol Mundin said regarding SEC closures Freeviews (March 17).

Our son is looked after by the most fantastic staff at the centre for seven hours a day giving us the respite we so badly need in order to carry on taking care of him at home.

If this vital support is taken away from us we would find it impossible to cope, therefore putting even more strain on Social Services which as I’m sure everyone would agree wouldn’t make economical sense as the financial cost of care would be far greater than in the present system.

We would therefore urge Doncaster Council to seriously think again about these proposals and give their support to the many people like us in this difficult and tragic situation. As the saying goes - ‘if it isn’t broke, then don’t try to mend it.’

In conclusion, we would suggest that the councillors involved in these closures pay a visit to an SEC to see for themselves the mental and physical disabilities that the service users and their predominantly elderly carers have to live with 24/7 and hope that their conscience causes them to think again.

Mr & Mrs G Swann, Epsom Close, Mexborough

Throw the book at them

WHAT on earth is happening? We are supposed to be a nation of animal lovers but every paper has horrific articles regarding cruelty.

Just a few: man hanged his dog, thugs shot cat in the head, mystery poisoner kills 30 pet cats with anti-freeze, Dusty the abandoned dog found emaciated and freezing in a dustbin, two week old kittens found in a box, woman who dumped cat in a dustbin says she loves cats, boyfriend cuts off ear of three week old staffy after a row with girlfriend; swan shot in head and so on and so on.

These thugs are really selfish cowards that will then go on to abuse babies, children and old people.

Why can’t they have some of their treatment back? Put them in a boxing ring with someone their own size then let them go to prison where they have to do hard labour with shackles round their feet, like prisons abroad instead of a warning or a short sentence in a cushy prison with more amenities than most hard-working families have got. They’d think twice before re-offending.

Until we make examples of these pathetic cowards, poor babies, children, old people and animals will continue to get badly abused.

S Bacon, Moordike Road, Hatfield Woodhouse

Five is too young for sex talk

RE proposals concerning the teaching of graphic sexual education to children as young as five. Having three children and eight grandchildren I feel qualified enough to make the point that sex is the last thing on this earth that young children need to be bothering their heads with.

The idea that the younger the age children are taught about sex the less likely they will be tempted to experiment is, to me, total rubbish.

I would consider it rather unnatural to fill children’s minds with such a subject before their body becomes naturally aware of such feelings upon puberty.

Apart though, from that aspect, my real concern would be towards the umpteen thousands of ten to 12 year old children, male and female, having suffered five or so years of sex education becoming sitting targets for online paedophiles, who could find the job of grooming gullible youngsters made so much easier by the fact they had already been well versed in such matters by their school teachers for the past five years.

My honest advice to Mr Michael Gove, our Education Minister, would be to consign this ill-conceived infantile plan to the waste bin of stupid ideas without delay.

Francis Joseph Mckone, The Boulevard, Edenthorpe

Where have all the bikes gone?

I HAVE noticed in recent weeks, (this may have been in recent years as I only moved back last year) that in your motoring section, you have no motorcycles for sale. Am I the only one who feels there is something missing, especially now we are all getting ripped off by both this Government, and the previous one, on greatly exaggerated fuel charges, always being told it is due to some far-flung conflict or disaster?

All this makes owning a car the preserve of the very lucky or well-off. Does no one in Doncaster have motorcycles, mopeds and scooters for sale anymore, or have we all become far too attached to our tin boxes (yes, I have to admit to this too)?

I would like to get back into the fun of biking, and also beat the Government at their own game. The people I have spoken to in all the dealers and bike shops in Doncaster are really friendly, but there seems to be no cheap bargains around. Any chance of this and putting ads in your motoring section?

Two wheels are fun, four are a bore, and couldn’t we all use a little fun and now and then?

Chris Barber, Lawn Road

Get rid of some councillors

WHAT a waste of money, £125K on a referendum. This mayor has proved this system does work, when the councillors let it.

He cut his salary by more than half, got rid of his council car, etc etc. If there is to be a referendum let it be on whether we need 63 councillors, Coun Holland said they would save money on a mayoral election.

If we reduced the council to 21 councillors we would save two elections (twice the money) plus 42 councillors’ salaries, plus their expenses, plus the administration costs for the 42, I think you will find this adds up to approximately one million pound year after year. How many jobs would this save?

I believe, as a former councillor, 42 councillors are surplus to requirements. They never used to have community wardens, police support officers, police and community teams, Flag it up. These jobs were done by councillors. I believe the mayor and 21 councillors could run this council. Also, under the old system, the leader of the council (equal to the mayor) was put there by the controlling group on the council, not by the people of Doncaster. The mayor is power to the electors.

Roy Penketh, Thorne Road, Wheatley Hills

Time for a clean up in Bentley

I read an interview in The Guardian weekend supplement with Mr Miliband written by Andy Becket, which described Mr Miliband’s constituency office in Bentley as a ‘beleaguered looking business centre surrounded by terraced streets scattered with litter and patches of waste ground.’

This is a national newspaper. I have been saddened by the deterioration of the area for years. Friends and I have been in touch with the council and Mr Miliband in the past but nothing has changed.

I know it is education of the people responsible but if nothing is done to deter these people it will continue to get worse.

I am not saying because Bentley is part of Mr Miliband’s constituency we should be treated as a special case, no areas should have to put up with litter bins being left out and poorly maintained back alleyways.

We do not wish to be portrayed by the national press as downtrodden.

Mrs Lynn Unsworth, Kirkstone Close, Bentley

Let’s spend money on roads

MAY I again draw the attention of our local council, and the mayor in particular, to the appalling state of many of Doncaster’s roads, particularly in Cantley and Bessacarr.

Goodison Boulevard and Stoops Lane, to name but two, are a series of patches and pot holes together with many of the secondary roads leading on to these.

Patching is a waste of time and money, complete resurfacing is required. Whilst I realise that money is tight these days, surely some degree of priority can be given to the roads? At the moment, these are in third world condition.

A Atkinson, Dunniwood Avenue, Bessacarr

There’s a good reason not to fly

IN reply to your reader (Freeviews, March 3), commenting on dwindling passenger numbers at Doncaster Airport, could I please add the following observation.

Week commencing, March 14, I was trying to book a flight to Palma, Majorca, and discovered the following: flight only from Doncaster for two adults using Thomson, £620 plus £40 baggage - total: £620, flight only from East Midland for two adults, using Ryanair Price £119.96 plus £60 baggage - total £179.96 A massive saving of £440.04.

Could this also contribute to the falling numbers of people using Doncaster? Where do you think we will be flying from? Incidentally, I was also able to book parking on site for £19.99.

Mr J Nugent, Gattison Lane, Rossington

People are the real pests

TO the pigeon writer on your Diary page (March 10) you made me angry. How dare this person exalt humans over the pigeons?

There’s no bigger pest than people pollution and the pigeon hater should realise all species of animals have the right to exist in peace.

Betty Hemingway, Jarratt Street, Hyde Park

No courts for game of tennis

YESTERDAY evening, I took my ten-year-old daughter to play some tennis. This was our first game of the year and we were looking to take advantage of the lovely spring weather.

When we arrived at Elmfield Park we saw that the tennis nets were missing from four out of six of the courts and the other two courts were occupied.

Is this acceptable in 21st century Doncaster?

Is this likely to be like this for the rest of the year/decade/century, or are there any plans to change the situation for the better so that a relatively inexpensive resource (compared to the racecourse, football stadium, etc.) is maintained at an appropriate level for the benefit of the town’s citizens, particularly its children?

Jon Law, Alderson Drive

Looking for my friend from 50s

I AM hoping that one of your readers can help me find a friend from many years ago.

She was called Brenda Wedgewood and came from the Thurnscoe area.

In the 1950s, Brenda and her parents stayed with my parents in Seaham Harbour, County Durham.

She would now be in her late 60s. I live on the Australian Gold Coast now and have often wondered about Brenda. My parents were Eric and Bessie Pike, I had a younger brother called Ian and my name is Ann.

Ann Hansen (nee Pike) annmackem@optusnet.com.au