Letters, March 1, 2012

HAVING read your extensive reporting in the Doncaster Free Press (February 23) with interest I felt that I had to bring to your attention other incidents of anti-social behaviour in council parks.

We live opposite the Quarry Park car park in Dunsville and since January 11, 2010, we have made the council aware of and even provided solutions based on evidence from other councils’ policies and risk assessments in reducing anti-social behaviour.

One of the solutions is simple – barrier the ‘open’ car parks to the parks at night.

The car park we refer to is in an unlit and isolated situation where any manner of activities may take place and have done: burnt out stolen cars/beer cans thrown around/used as a toilet. These are but a few incidents which are fact; there is also unproven evidence of drug activity.

We have had several meetings with the council but for whatever reason they appear to be ‘nurturing’ the perpetrators, allowing them to continue their night-time activities leaving us feeling vulnerable and unsafe in our own homes and appear not have any objectives of ‘planning out crime’ in order to resolve this situation.

I’m sure that this is not an isolated incident and we would fully support a worthwhile campaign backed by the Doncaster Free Press, who have previously had the public behind them; for an on-line petition for safer parks for all in the memory of Casey-Lyanne Kearney.

M & J Hand, Dunsville

Time to charge drunken yobs

I FEEL it’s now time to see some changes in the way we treat drunken yobs being escorted free of charge to hospitals where too often staff are abused trying to treat individuals.

In my opinion a drunken person should not be allowed near a hospital and if they are they should get a bill for:

1 Transport to hospital, i.e. £25. 2 Hourly rate (or time at hospital (treatment £50). 3 Cost of medicine/dressings £20. 4 No availability of transport for return to home after hospitalisation. 5 £100 fine if staff are abused in any way.

Let it be known that the cost of drunken person further to hospital is at least £200 plus.

As a tax player I object to this abuse and waste of our money. If you can’t hold it, don’t drink it.

R Horsfield, High Street, Belton

Sales pitch in poor taste

WHEN I got home last Saturday evening the Doncaster Advertiser had been delivered, and on the front page in bold print with photo (an old one) of Elmfield Park, were the words ‘In your Free Press this week latest news of teenager killed in park attack’.

I thought this was in bad taste, to use this awful killing to advertise your Free Press paper.

I’m sure there are other ways to be used to get people to buy your paper instead of using this tragedy.

Very poor taste, disgusting in fact, I will not be buying the Free Press.

David Stephenson, Tudor Road, Intake

Happy memories at the quarry

FURTHER to the controversy that surrounds the wooded area adjacent to Dunsville Quarry, I as a child took my first swimming lesson in the quarry, also fought many battles against the Indians in and around the wooded area,

I was at that time alias (Buck Jones), my late pal Bob Grix was alias (Lone Ranger).

Many skirmishes against the McNulty tribe who brought fear to this area continued till Lone Ranger and I drove the tribe chiefs John, Pat and Vin away taking their tresses and ostrich feathers trailing.

Since then peace has remained until now.

Lone Ranger’s ivory handle six shooters no longer spit fire and my double barrelled wooden pegs (i.e. my pistol) have rotted away).

To end this small epitaph. Save not only the wood but all the environmental issues that is possible.

Mr B Doane, Coronation Road, Stainforth

Poor service at airport

I RECENTLY returned from a holiday in the sun on a regular Thomson flight arriving at Doncaster shortly after midnight.

There were ten people waiting at the taxi rank without shelter from the bitter cold February wind. There were no taxis only a notice giving the ‘official taxi’ telephone number, which I called, telling them that there were a number of people waiting.

Two taxis arrived in about ten minutes. Both drivers insisted that we should double up and share and we were given no choice.

A kind couple, with a wheelchair, agreed to let my husband and me join them and cram in with all the luggage for four people. One couple were left standing at the taxi rank.

I see in last week’s Free Press (February 23) that the airport is advertising for a new manager. I wish all the best of luck to the successful candidate, and hope he sees an improvement in the taxi service as one of his priorities.

Rosalind Yule, address supplied

Do as I say, not as I do

TODAY I witnessed the perfect example of local government hypocrisy.

The road traffic was very slow whilst driving down Nutwell Lane on the evening of February 24. This could only mean one thing, that the `Road Safety ` awareness team were out in the form of a speed camera van.

I have no problem with the camera men carrying out their `safety` checks, however, were they parked in a sensible manner?

No, they were parked on Nutwell Lane itself, but right on the chevrons of the junction with Eastfield Road.

To my mind’s eye and more so, the Highway Code, parking on a hatched/chevron near a junction is not acceptable.

The size of the vehicle is an obstruction in itself, especially parked in such a manner.

Now, am I interpreting this wrong, or is this a safety issue?

M.Charlton, Cantley

Where are the wardens?

READING in the paper about the concerns of the fire and police services regarding deliberately started fires, it is not just a case of bringing in your wheelie bins and green boxes, it is also a case of making sure you have no inflammables just dumped in your front yards and gardens.

In this area where there are many let properties, when one tenant leaves the landlords just come in and dump the rubbish that the previous tenants have left either in the alleys or the front yards. Not only is this a eyesore but very dangerous.

We used to have neighbourhood wardens in the area but with the council cutbacks they must be a thing of the past.

Are there any housing environment officers at all left in Doncaster that used to keep checks on the private landlord industry?

Coun Ransome, you keep reiterating the same things, ‘love your neighbourhood’a nd how many fines for dropping litter but I never read or see anything done about these unscrupulous landlords going to court or being fined for dumping rubbish in gardens or alleys.

Visit this area and then you will see for yourself that regardless of what you print and state, things are not as you seem to make out and lead people to believe, or do you reside where there are wardens and officers making sure things are done to keep it clean and tidy?

Maybe we are a forgotten area.

G Bardon, St Catherines Avenue, Balby

Let’s return to democracy

WITH regards to Mr & Mrs Riggott’s comments on your editorial concerning the mayoral referendum (February 2).

They are correct that the English Democrats have more than one councillor in England. They have the grand total of two, Peterborough and Hereford and of course our elected mayor

I think it should be remembered that Mayor Davies did not poll the majority of votes in the first ballot for mayor. That went to an Independent candidate. It was only when subsequent choices were counted that he was successful. This is hardly a mandate from the people.

The accusation that the Labour Party is stopping the Mayor from carrying out his manifesto, shows an ignorance of the powers of an elected mayor.

Apart from certain aspects of finance he has virtually absolute powers. He can steam roll anything he wants through, regardless of cabinet or councillors.

Doncaster Council consists of other political parties apart from Labour. They are all there because the people of Doncaster voted them there and voted for their manifestos.

Is it democracy when an elected mayor can override a whole elected council?

Remember it is easier to get rid of a Prime Minister than an elected mayor.

When are some Doncaster people going to move on from Donnygate? It happened was some years ago, it should never of happened, but it did.

The law dealt with the perpetrators. We do our town no favours when it is constantly raked up.

K Lightfoot, Axholme Road.

Thank you for your support

AS a resident of Rossington for the past 11 years, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the organisers of the sponsored walk to Elmfield Park in remembrance of Casey-Lyanne Kearney.

Also the kind and generous donations to the Kearney family in this time of their sad loss.

Terence Smith, Shooters Hill Drive

Support to save the baths

ALTHOUGH, I was responsible for the successful application being made to English Heritage, which, thankfully, has resulted in the building receiving Grade II listed status, this would not have been possible had if not been for the valued co-operation of Mr Peter Davies, the elected mayor, in permitting a full inspection of the St James Baths building to take place on February 2, 2010, when I was joined by representatives from a London based charity - Save Britain’s Heritage, who, following the inspection, encouraged me to lodge the application.

Ray Nortrop, PO Box 75,

The buck stops here

REGARDING the forthcoming referndum instigated by councillors on whether to stick with the mayor as council leader or revert to the previous system run by councillors, I hope the people of Doncaster remember the arrogant ‘pass the buck’ attitude of DMBC with their unhelpful’ you’ve got the wrong department’ without any help with whom you neded to contact with your problem.

At least with the mayoral system you always know where the buck stops and I have always found Mr Davies to be very helpful whenever I have contacted him.

The Labour councillors didn’t complain when Mr Winter (Labour) was made mayor.

Dave Croucher, Pinfold Gardens, Fishlake