Letters, June 4, 2015

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Free Press readers’ have their say

Meeting was just a farce

I attended the Thorne Parish Council meeting as an interested observer, having never been to a council meeting before.

The community group have control by one 8-7 over Labour, so a difficult night lay ahead although two Labour councillor’s did not attend, allowing community group more breathing space.

Community group Coun Williams was elected council leader.

The meeting was very rowdy and personal, as there were no love lost between these two groups, you could feel the tension as the decibels starting climbing. On one proposal by Coun Williams was lost when some of his own community group voted with Labour, he looked visibly shaken, the chair seemed resigned to becoming a spectator as he had lost control.

It look like Labour had formulated a preconceived plan to disrupt, bully,and intimidate. The plan was working and the community councillor’s who at this point were offering little in reply to the tactics of Labour.

Coun Williams was constantly interrupted and talked over by Labour councillors and shouted down and heckling by ex councillors in the public area.

At this point it had developed into a farce. In the street after the meeting I witnessed one of community group councillors being surrounded by angry Labour supporters and one ex Labour councillor pointing fingers and raising their voices.

The community group are going to have big problems in the future, if they don’t take control of council, and work together, vote as a group, instead of voting as individuals.

A very unsavoury meeting, the elected community group should be given a chance to deliver their policies and agenda and voters wishes instead of Thorne Labour group mean spirited actions and being very bad losers.

Mr Mel Chester

Durham Avenue, Thorne


Civic duties

Following the letter from Mrs B Dodson, Belmont Avenue, in last week’s edition, as well as being Deputy Mayor of Doncaster, I take my duties as a ward councillor very seriously and I would like to thank all of the residents in Hexthorpe and Balby North for electing myself and my colleague Sue Wilkinson. We regularly hold surgeries, attend community meetings such as Tenants and Residents Associations and undertake neighbourhood walks within the area. If residents wish to contact me directly they can do so by email or telephone and the details are on the Council website.

In relation to Mrs B Dodson, once again I do not know the critic, or critics, who have written to the Free Press and they have not bothered to contact me directly. Indeed despite their apparent interest in their local representatives, they do not do not appear on the electoral register and presumably did not actually vote in the election. Perhaps there is more to this than meets the eye?

Glyn Jones, Central Ward Councillor, Deputy Mayor & Portfolio Holder for Corporate Services, Equalities & Cohesion

Civic Office, Waterdale

Not stupid

The reason Ed Miliband did so badly in the country’s leadership battle was because he made it clear that he did not trust the people whose votes he needed to put him in the job.

“Yes” he managed to keep his seat for Doncaster North, but if a smoked kipper was put up as a candidate (as long has they called it Labour) it would get votes in this area.

Ed Miliband should have at least offered a vote on Europe to the people, I believe that we would be better off in the EU, but not at any cost.

If the Europeans don’t give us back the control of our own borders and control of our own country then I believe this would be too much, we must be able to decide our own destiny. At present our country is out of control on so many fronts.

Unless we are allowed to clamp down and address the situation the country will slip into chaos and anarchy, no matter who is in the driving seat. I believe the British people are not stupid, and are responsible enough to make a decision on these very important things.

Dave Croucher

Pinfold Gardens, Doncaster


Big Toddle

Parents in Doncaster are being urged to sign up now for the UK’s number one fundraising event for under 5s

Children who took part in the Doncaster area last year raised a fantastic £1,654 for Barnardo’s. This year Barnardo’s is introducing a pirate fancy dress theme and is asking pint-sized Jack Sparrows to put their best feet forward to raise cash for vulnerable children who live locally and are supported by the charity.

Amanda Warrent, Barnardo’s fundraising manager, said; “We’ve had great support from Doncaster toddlers and their families over the years”.

Those who register receive a Big Toddle pack containing information and fundraising ideas. Please go to www.bigtoddle.co.uk or call 0800 008 7005 to register.

As well as a series of Barnardo’s organised Big Toddles across the UK, parents, carers and playgroups are encouraged to get involved by organising their own event.

This could include gathering neighbours and others in the local community to hold a Big Toddle (pictured above), holding a Big Toddle with friends in the back garden; encouraging your local nursery or primary school to hold a Big Toddle for infants.

Matt Beer, Barnardo’s East Region Media and

Communications Manager

Tanners Lane, Barkingside, Ilford, Essex, IG6 1QG

Help foster

I would like to draw the attention of your readers to the ever growing and urgent need for more foster carers in the South Yorkshire area

The number of children entering the care system continues to rise, with a particular shortage of foster carers for young people aged 10-17 years old.

I was fortunate to spend part of my childhood with foster families who gave me a sense of belonging, stability and security, I believe all children and young people both need and deserve. At present, over 68,000 children are in care in England, 75% of whom are in foster care. Children need care, consistency, stability and love to flourish. I understand that the prospect of fostering may seem daunting but with the right support it can be a rewarding experience.

As the very proud Patron of TACT, the UKs largest fostering and adoption charity, I see the real difference that their high quality foster carers are making to the lives of young people and children across the UK.

People from a variety of backgrounds come forward to foster, bringing with them a wide range of unique skills.

As a Foster carer you can transform a young person’s life. Contact TACT on 0808 256 2727 or visit www.tactcare.or.uk

Lorraine Pascal,

Patron TACT

The Courtyard, 303 Hither Green Lane, London, SE13 6TJ


Wheely great

Doncaster Cycle Festival was a great event that was well organised. Thanks and well done to the organisers, and sponsors, of the second Doncaster Cycling Festival that took place over the weekend.

As well as the first class professional racing in the Grand Prix event, it was fantastic to see so many children and young people enjoying, and getting a taste for, competitive sport. The event was well-supported too, despite the wintry weather.

Finally, it’s always good to see Sir Nigel Gresley Square put to good use as a community hub. Here’s to next year.

Kath Newton by email