Letters, June 23, 2011

SAVINGS of over ten million pounds in the last year by the council and we are lead to believe that the main services are, and have not been, eroded.

Still many millions to be saved over the coming years and the main services will be guaranteed to be good.

Well, along with my neighbours covering the area from Belmont Avenue to Sandford Road, we do not hold the same confidence on services not being cut as what we are being told by the council.

Why? Because over the last six months we have seen a drastic reduction in both the wardens that used to patrol the area and, at times, with the police. In fact, it is months since they have been spotted strolling around, yet the area is not the most salubrious part of Doncaster or are we just the forgotten few?

Trying to get hold on your local councillors is like trying to plait fog in a whirlwind. Is it cut back again, or have all their telephones been withdrawn and they themselves have gone into hiding until next year, just before the elections come around?

The Labour group are the party holding a large majority in the chamber and after the promises they gave on the doorsteps before the elections and many residents giving you their votes, it is time we saw some of these coming to fruition.

Otherwise, don’t bother calling again.

W Mason (disgusted resident) Burton Avenue, Balby

Is Donny Diary a Doncastrian?

I DON’T know if the writer of Donny Diary is a Doncastrian.

However, it should be pointed out that the Waterdale Centre didn’t just die but was killed overnight by the closure of Doncaster South Bus Station.

On a positive note there are still some good shops and cafes open and I am sure that these businesses are fighting their corner.

Mr M A Watson, Howbeck Drive, Edlington (centre user)

Holidays not so easy for the ill

THE summer approaches, many of your readers will be preparing to go on holiday in this country or abroad.

Going on holiday for people with diabetes is not quite so straightforward and requires more planning, especially for those treated with insulin.

The added security at airports and on flights means that carrying injection devices and insulin on planes has become more complicated.

The Insulin Dependent Trust (IDDT) provides a Holiday Information Pack with tips on looking after diabetes in hot weather, carrying tables and insulin to other countries and holiday insurance.

The holiday pack includes IDDTs hospital passport for people with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

When completed, the passport contains details about how they manage their diabetes, medications, meals and any allergies, so people have the record with them if it should be needed.

We are happy send out this free hospital passport to readers if they contact IDDT on (01604) 622837. email: enquiries@iddtinternational.org or write to IDDT, PO Box 294, Northampton, NN1 4XS.

Jenny Hirst, IDDT

Interest in old girls’ picture

I SAW with interest the photograph of Doncaster Technical School for Girls. 1950 was five years before I lived in the town.

Could June Rowbotham be a sister of Diane who I knew at International Harvesters? Likewise Maureen Booth or Graham? Christine Brown, Ann Sayles and Pat Bostock were in the town’s Young Conservatives. I left Doncaster in 1969.

Joe Barr, 2A Strawberry Dale, Harrogate

Ed should say yes to EU vote

COULD Ed Miliband please explain to the people of Doncaster why he does not want to give a referendum on the UK leaving the EU?

Various newspapers have said its because he thinks if a referendum is held the public may vote to leave. Well Ed, that’s called democracy.

It was Ed and Labour who crippled the Royal Mail by agreeing to EU rules to let other firms come and take the profitable work away from the Royal Mail.

They also agreed to EU landfill rules that now mean we have the bins emptied every two weeks and fly tipping is rampant due to the cost of landfill.

Ed’s Labour who agreed to EU open borders to immigration that has seen millions of EU immigrants come to the UK taking jobs and swamping public services to breaking point.

His party also in the last days of office signed an agreement to the EU to help share the cost of Euro country’s failing and has now cost the UK more this year in bail-outs that the cuts made.

Labour signed us up to the European Human Rights Act that means we can not evict EU criminals out of the UK or remove terrorist suspects and now have to give prisoners the vote.

Ed and Labour never gave us a chance to vote on if we wanted any of these and Ed now refuses to let us vote on EU membership.

Why Ed? Why do you think the public should be denied the chance to vote to leave the EU if that’s what they want?

William Shaw (UKIP), Grange Farm, Old Denaby

Helicopter is great deterrent

REF Martin Napier letter (Freeviews, June 16).

I take issue with Mr Napier. His criticism of the police helicopter use to catch burglars leads me to believe he has never been a crime victim. I have, more than once, the anguish is immeasurable.

I challenge him to compute the cost reduction in all areas of criminal activity due to the deterrent effect of knowing the helicopter is available.

I add, I am not shy in telling the police when I consider they are wrong.

Ted Price, St Johns Road, Edlington

Why fuss about city status?

WHAT is this fixation with city status (ref guest column June 9 and 16)?

Achieving city status may be regarded generally as an accolade and prestigious but it does not confer, as far as I can tell, any extra funding.

I really hope therefore that we are not wasting public money on bidding for this status. Becoming a city of itself will not make Doncaster “a place that is vibrant and cultural” (Amanda Philips, Guest Column, June 9). Nor will it unleash “untapped potential” (Tariq Shah, Guest Column 16 June 16).

It is only a name. What tangible benefits will it deliver?

I’ve no wish to knock Doncaster.

It has a lot going for it: not least its strategic location, excellent transport infrastructure, some great open spaces in the town or within easy access plus a compact town centre.

For me personally, the real jewel in Doncaster’s crown is Potteric Carr (Yorkshire Wildlife Trust).

However, Doncaster will never be able to compete with provincial cities such as Leeds, Sheffield and York. But why should it want to? In some ways it is better; it should celebrate its uniqueness.

Mrs Tina Langford, Chestnut Grove, Sprotbrough

Does anyone know John?

I’M trying to locate an old RAF police friend who served in Germany with me in 1953.

I have tried all service channels with no success.

His name is John Maden from Doncaster. He will be in his 70s, like myself.

If any of your readers could possibly help I will be very grateful.

Keith Brennan. 28 Marlborough, Seaham, Co.Durham

Help us fight teen cancer

I AM writing to you today to thank your readers for supporting Teenage Cancer Trust and our special charity partnership with Argos.

We are celebrating the partnership’s first year in July and we would like to ask your readers to join in the fun and volunteer to support a national hair-raising fundraising event!

A year ago, Argos colleagues across the country chose to support Teenage Cancer Trust as their official charity partner.

As Teenage Cancer Trust receives no government funding, this partnership has been a wonderful opportunity for us to connect with Argos customers in your area whose lives have been touched by cancer or illness in young people.

I’m pleased to say that in just one year Argos and their customers have raised a fantastic £700,000! All monies raised from this partnership will help us build specialist home-from-home Teenage Cancer Trust units in NHS hospitals for young people with cancer, so they can live as positively as possible while they go through a life-changing experience.

We have been given an incredible chance to bucket collect in every Argos store across the UK on Saturday, 30 July, and Sunday, 31 July, when Argos colleagues will be getting into the fundraising spirit by donning weird and wonderful wigs and ‘Getting Wiggy With It’! This fundraising extravaganza is happening shortly after the launch of the new Argos Autumn/Winter 2011 range so we expect the weekend to be busy and urgently need volunteers to give up a couple of hours of their time to help us fundraise in their local Argos store.

If you are interested in lending a hand so we can help support young cancer patients in your area then please contact volunteers@teenagecancertrust.org or call 020 7612 0370.

Simon Davies, Chief Executive of Teenage Cancer Trust, Sarah Henderson/Media Relations Manager

020 7612 0703/mobile 07908 432789/switchboard 020 7612 0370. Teenage Cancer Trust, 3rd Floor, 93 Newman Street, London W1T 3EZ

It’s not just dogs that litter

IN response to Nigel Curtis, Free Press column (DFP June, 16). Yes, there are some irresponsible dog owners, there are also some irresponsible parents.

I’m unfortunate enough to live on a street leading to Danum School.

The amount of rubbish deposited on my street and in my garden could fill a black bin liner daily. My mother lives opposite the new multi use games area in Intake where the same applies.

Council workers litter pick this twice daily. Ask a child to pick up the litter he/she has dropped and be prepared for the bad language and abuse. I walk by dog through Sandall Beat, and yes I do pick up and I do deposit my bag in the bin, not hand if from a tree.

There is a dyke which runs along the fence adjoining Danum School playing fields, it is full to the brim of lunch-time snack wrappers. Littering isn’t just down to the dogs, the majority of it is down to the people.

Tina Foulston, Intake

Get it right!

THE article in the Free Press ‘Women’ column (June 16) wrongly states that Rachel Hodgson was elected to Doncaster Council by more than half of the electors of Thorne.

In reality Rachel received 1696 votes out of 4033 votes cast – only 42%. With a turn-out of under 38% Rachel was endorsed by less than 16% of Thorne’s potential voters.

Previous correspondents on this page have commented on the lack of interest in voting in Doncaster and criticised the Free Press for failing to report the local election results in detail. The Free Press considers Rachel newsworthy because she is young and female. It would be good if, in this rare comment on an election result, the Free Press could get the figures right.

Tony Brookes, Fieldside, Thorne