Letters, July 5, 2012

Ian Simms, from Rossington, sent us this image of an Olympic torch-shaped cloud.
Ian Simms, from Rossington, sent us this image of an Olympic torch-shaped cloud.

I WOULD like to support the nomination for Ben Parkinson to get a top honour after his emotional and inspirational performance carrying the Olympic torch.

To do what he did under his circumstances was a credit to everyone who has helped him through his difficult time since sustaining his serious injuries.

Ben’s attitude and his determination to walk 300 metres was fantastic and to see his proud mother Diane and his colleagues from the 7th Para Royal Horse Artillery willing him along was very emotional.

I would like to see Lord Coe and the Olympic committee let Ben light the Olympic flame in July for the Olympic Games. I know possibly this will be going to Sir Steve Redgrave because of his Olympic achievements but to see Ben do what he did, he is credit not only to Doncaster, but to his family and the armed forces. Also it would be a credit to all those that have given their lives fighting for queen and country.

Well done again Ben.

Come on Lord Coe think about it.

Liam Brownsend, via e-mail

Proud of Ben and the parade

I AM not normally an emotional person but, on being persuaded by my wife to attend the torch procession through Doncaster, I felt very proud and privileged to have witnessed the event at close quarters.

Proud in the sheer courage and determination of Ben Parkinson to undertake what must for him have been a marathon walk, and proud too of the spontaneous, vociferous and overwhelming support given to him by the vast crowds of Doncaster residents, of all generations.

Far too often the only publicity the town receives revolves around the wrong-doings of the minorities and is completely disproportionate to reality as demonstrated at this event.

Thanks must also go to the sponsors, police, council stewards, school teachers and all involved for their relaxed control which helped to make the event so memorable.

Ron Firth, The Bungalow, Woodgarth Court, Campsall

We’re backing Ben for medal

MY husband Peter and I were extremely proud to be there to see Ben Parkinson walk his Olympic Torch by the war memorial.

As a fellow amputee we know how hard it must have been for Ben.

We will fully support any campaign to get Ben a medal as he thoroughly deserves one.

Also, with Ben’s blessing it would be lovely if everyone who stood there supporting him gave a pound to buy his Olympic Torch with the money going to his favourite Help for Heroes charity.

The torch could then be placed in the new Civic Centre in Doncaster when it opens in 2013 with Ben’s photo to preserve for posterity.

Peter and I would be willing to put more than £1 for the pleasure Ben gave us last Tuesday.

As an avid reader of the Free Press, do get behind these ideas. Ben really deserves it.

Mrs Christine Morris, Montagu Road, Sprotbrough

Invite to our service reunion

ALL ranks from RAF, WAAF and WRAF, or next of kin, who served at RAF St Eval are invited to join the RAF St Eval Coastal Command Association.

We have two reunions every year, in April and September and two newsletters, in January and July.

Information regarding the above from: Ken Wilson 0151 423 5241, or rafstevalcca@gmail.com

Ray Massey, Sandy Lane, Cheshire

Let’s keep town tidy

I AM constantly amazed at how many people rest their dirty shoes on the seat in front of the back row on buses.

Not only this, but they leave behind rubbish of all description.

I was taught to keep my feet firmly on the floor and take my rubbish home.

I presume the same people are the culprits of the mass of chewing gum on the pavements and streets.

I am glad that do not have to go into their homes-they must be disgusting.

City status for Doncaster - in your dreams.

Mason Drysdale, Armstrong House, Finningley

Take care as you cross the roads

EVERY time I cross the road at the crossing near Tesco in town, the number of people that run across the road when the red man is showing is unbelievable. T

They have either got a death wish, are colour blind or just plain stupid.

If its colour blindness, I suggest they get someone to show them how to cross the road safely.

Pedestrian crossings are there for a reason, that being to help people cross in safety.

Don’t these silly people think motorists have enough stops and starts with all the traffic lights without stupid people running across in front of them?

I have no sympathy with anyone who gets themselves hurt by not waiting a few seconds to cross the road.

I have even seen stupid teenagers deliberately walk in front of a car and smirk at the driver and walk slowly across laughing.

One more thing that I saw recently.

I was going to the crossing near the town centre flats and was horrified to see three young people, one carrying a baby in her arms, a couple of yards away from the crossing, walk straight across the road, jump over the railings, still holding the baby.

The others had the buggy, put that over and then jumped over to get across the other road. They put that baby’s life at risk for the sake of a couple of yards, that is stupidity.

Mrs A Allen, Middlegate, Scawthorpe

A waste of our taxpayers’ cash?

I READ with interest ‘Mayor faces judge over library cuts’ on page 2 of the Doncaster Free Press on Thursday June 28, 2012, which is listed for hearing at the Leeds Combined Court Centre on Tuesday, July 24.

Should not the un-named claimant have invoked the council complaints procedure or the ombudsman service, so avoiding Doncaster tax payers liability of the costs of this unreasonable and irrational judicial review proceedings?

Maurice Field, Kings Road, Wheatley

Thanks to town hotels for help

MY friend and I are filling shoe boxes to send to troops in Afghanistan.

Because of the weight limit, we were in urgent need of individual shampoos, shower gels and soaps, the complimentary kind found in hotel bathrooms.

We decided to approach hotels in Doncaster and offered to buy some of these products.

Imagine our delight when two of the hotels donated what we needed.

A big thank you to the Regent Hotel and Danum Hotel, not only from us but also from the troops who are so happy to receive such gifts.

Fay Mackintosh & Janet Roberts, Bentley

One law for the rich perhaps?

THE last budget gave pensioners an additional £155 via tax allowance, so this year I will pay more tax than last.

Obviously older means dafter.

Now told the super rich pay either no tax or one per cent tax.

Our leaders are aghast and intend to shame them into paying.

In 1960 on £10 a week, I learnt my income tax was more than an entire family of nationwide butchers, millionaires.

Shame then? Don’t hold your breath.

A M Frost, Broad Lane, Sykehouse

Thanks for your support

ON behalf of the Doncaster Fund Raising Group for Marie Curie we would like to thank all the people who supported us at the Phoenix Theatre Bawtry on 29th June.

We had a great day and you helped us raise a massive £708.32.

So on behalf of all the people who can now be nursed in their own home,a big thank you.

Doncaster Fund Raising Group for Marie Curie, Grosvenor House, Bawtry

Binmen should pick up too

EVERY week when the dustbin lorry has been, there is more rubbish on the floor than there was before.

Many people complain about this but nothing is ever done.

When the binmen drop the rubbish they never pick it up and the streets look a right mess.

It is not long ago that a mother was fined because her young daughter dropped a bit of sausage roll on the floor.

Many of us take a great deal of pride in our environment and we are consistently warned about the consequences of dropping litter.

If the bin men were fined for what they do some of them would have no wages to draw at the end of the month.

Also when our green boxes are emptied the same applies, we end up putting some items back in that we have just put out. It is about time something is done about this. It would also save money because the street cleaners would not have as much rubbish to pick up.

There is no denying the binmen and the green boxmen work very hard but they should be made to pick the rubbish up that they drop and the public would not get the blame.

John Lyne, Stainforth

Give legends correct name

In the otherwise very interesting piece about a railway museum in Doncaster, I should like to point out that the majority of locomotives, steam, diesel or electric, do not have a ‘the’ in their names.

There are a maybe a few exceptions to this – ‘The Green Howards’ and ‘The Rifle Brigade’ spring to mind.

The locomotives you refer to in your article are just simply known as Mallard, Flying Scotsman and Tornado.

This is the name on their nameplate, so putting ‘the’ in front is not correct. Also, the picture accompanying the article actually shows Mallard and Blue Peter, not Flying Scotsman.

Adrian Foster, Chatsworth Drive, Rossington

Woods are a danger

Sandall Beat Woods are dangerous, cars are allowed to drive down to the house, environment house and now we have cars driving towards the stables on to Armthorpe Road. Someone or someone’s pet is going to get hurt. How can it be right to have to hold your child’s hand, put your dog on its lead to cross what are now roads?

These woods are supposed to be safe, peaceful and stress free. Shame on you DMBC on spoiling these woods, You’re killing a beautiful place.

Mr T Anthony, Evelyn Avenue, Intake

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