Letters, July 19, 2012

Josh Clegg, from Rossington, sent us this picture of a deer running through Bawtry Forest.
Josh Clegg, from Rossington, sent us this picture of a deer running through Bawtry Forest.

TO all the people who think it’s all right to dump bags of household rubbish in and around a small litter bin next to the seat in Crookesbroom Lane, Hatfield.

This isn’t what these bins are for, you are fly-tipping and I wouldn’t have any hesitation in reporting anyone I saw.

The council have to empty it and clear the mess regularly which isn’t a nice job when bags have split and rubbish all over, only for the bin to be full again in less than a day later and overflowing.

The grounds where the Abbey pub used to be alongside the bins are enough of an eyesore without this adding to it, but so easy for the culprits if your grey bins are full at home just to keep dumping bags when passing.

So please take pride in the area you live and keep it tidy, stop dumping. You have a tip nearby, use that and stop making this into one.

Mrs C Morris, Crookesbroom lane, Hatfield

Fear for future of the Grand

RE: Grand Theatre is on the at risk register (Free Press, July 12). It is no surprise that the former Doncaster Grand Theatre has been announced by the Theatres Trust that it appears on their ‘at risk register’.

Let’s be honest about it, there’s nothing new about this information - The Grand has been on the Theatres Trust at risk register for umpteen years, The Grand, due primarily to the efforts of Ray Nortrop at Doncaster Council Watch, is also on the at risk register of Save Britain’s Heritage.

The Save The Grand campaign, despite its enormous amount of support by the public at large including myself and mayor Peter Davies has amounted to almost nothing, apart from incredible and very much valued publicity provided by the media.

This building should be an asset to Doncaster, and the Doncaster Free Press report stated that the building has been saved from demolition.

I contradict this by saying that there has never been a greater time than the present which could lead to the demise of the building because of the failure of Friends of the Grand Theatre and the like being able to persuade successive owners, since 1884, that it was worthy of actually being saved.

This building, obviously, has been an encumbrance on previous and its present owners because otherwise something would have been done about it now.

I fear that demolition of the building could take place sooner rather than later despite its listed status.

If the current owners of the building, were to make an application to de-list the former Grand Theatre, it could well be successful.

I make no apology for saying that it could be claimed quite strenuously that the Save the Grand Theatre campaign has amounted to nothing more than wind and pith despite its original, genuine intentions.

On the one hand, I think it is great that the theatres trust acknowledged, some years ago, that the Save the Grand campaign petition was deemed to be the biggest petition in Britain that they had a record of (and still is).

But bearing in mind that the campaign has been running for so long, we have to take into account that the majority of those that signed the campaign petition in the early years were elderly or very elderly, many thousands of these who have since passed away.

Likewise, the adventurous and seasoned campaigner Mr Nortrop managed to enlist the support of Luciano Pavarotti, Bob Hope, Howard Keel, George Burns, Jimmy Saville, Gene Pitney, Frankie Vaughan, Lonnie Donegan, Marti Caine, Mike Reid and Charlie Williams.

But what weight do their signatures now carry when all of these star entertainers are, sadly no longer with us?

I look forward to an announcement being made in the not too distant future, but the owners of the former Grand Theatre as to what their intentions are.

David Hankinson, Elsworth Close, Balby

Pull chord alert was false alarm

LAST week the Free Press published my letter about the pull chord system which I had feared previously but not any more. It was wrongly interpreted that our sheltered housing was owned by the council.

This is not so. Our properties are owned by Sanctuary housing and luckily they haven’t followed the council’s policy of having the pull chords removed.

J Stapleton, Humber Close, Skellow

Well done to the Race for Life kids

MAY I take this opportunity to thank the wonderful parents, children and friends of Owston Park Primary School.

On July 6, we took part in Race For Life in aid of Cancer Research UK.

A massive amount of children, parents and grandparents took part in this event. Between us all we raised £3,000 solely for the cancer charity.

I wish all those who took part a well-deserved summer holiday, and wish all those Year 6s who are leaving us a brilliant future.

Many thanks to them all for making this event a massive success.

Simon Fox, Deputy Head, Owston Park Primary School

Clear clutter for a good cause

I AM writing to you and your readers to encourage you to take a leaf out of my book by clearing your shelves for the British Heart Foundation’s (BHF) BIG Entertainment Appeal this July.

There’s nothing better than having a good clear out and I found some real gems that I love in my entertainment collection including my Queen CDs, romance novels and thrillers.

I also found some items that I’m ready to say goodbye to and will be donating them to BHF shops.

I would love to see locals joining in, having a clear-out and donating items they’ve fallen out of love with to BHF shops.

Is your CD collection looking a little out of date? Don’t know where to store all those books and DVDs? BHF shops love the things you bring so please help them continue their life-saving work.

BHF shops have a target of generating good quality books, CDs and DVDs throughout July which will help in the fight against heart disease - the UK’s biggest killer.

They are delighted with all the support you have shown but are still keen to receive those extra, crucial donations.

Last year BHF shops raised more than £31 million, helped by the sale of second-hand items, so your items really do make a difference.

For more information on The BIG Entertainment Appeal and to locate your nearest BHF shop visit bhf.org.uk/entertainment or call 0844 412 5000.

Anita Dobson, c/o BHF, Greater London House, 180 Hampstead Road, London, NW1 7AW

Please help me with photo card

LAST Tuesday, July 10, whilst in the town centre, I lost a small wallet containing an XD digital photo card with sentimental value. I would be grateful if anyone has picked this wallet up if I can collect it or it could be handed in.

Name and address supplied

The yobs in town need sorting out

NEVER before have I written to any newspaper about anything, but there has always got to be a first, so here goes.

On Wednesday, July 11, my husband and myself had to make a visit to the post office in Priory Place.

The time was approximately 10am, on the steps of the Post Office were three people sat taking time out to have their morning tipple which was concealed in black plastic bags, besides a couple of their mates maybe waiting for leftovers, it was obvious that it was some kind of alcoholic liquid, and the language was something that was atrocious.

Young mums with their children were also visiting and passing the area.

Not a town warden, PCSO or a member of the constabulary were anywhere in sight, and remember this building is less than 50 metres from the main entrance to the Mansion House.

We keep reading in the Free Press what new ideas are being brought forward by the mayor and the cabinet members to try and rid the town centre of all the anti-social behaviour, spitting etc, but why try to bring in new by-laws when Doncaster Council have not got the manpower to govern what laws are already in place, including street drinking, litter, dog fouling and cycling in pedestrian areas to name but a few?

Two or three years ago when Martin Winter was the mayor all areas had a team of wardens walking around and usually with a PCSO in attendance, crime and antisocial behaviour was on the decline.

Could either the mayor or a councillor give a clear explanation where all these people have gone and what jobs they are doing now, that is if they are still in employment and please lets have less of the whims and pipe dreams and more action, no matter what you write in your weekly column the Doncaster people are not believing you anymore.

Mrs B Wilson, Liverpool Avenue, Wheatley

You can make claims alone

I AM concerned and disappointed that in these cash-strapped times claims management companies (CMC) are being given space in Doncaster.

I saw two today; one for personal injury claims; and one for claims in respect of the mis selling of personal protection insurance (PPI).

Although such companies may be regulated, in my view consumers may think they are getting the service for free or that they would not be as successful in pursuing their own claim.

It is easy to pursue your own claim for a refund in respect of the miss selling of PPI. Anyone with access to the internet can do this using the Which? website: http://www.which.co.uk/campaigns/personal-finance/the-ppi-campaign/claim-back/ where there is advice and a template letter.

If you make your own claim then you get all the money back, including interest, if you have been mis-sold - no commission or fee to pay to a CMC.

Given the number of exclusions to such policies and the failure to explain these and other key features a significant proportion of the policies were in fact mis-sold.

That’s why, according to Which?, the banks have set aside £9bn to deal with claims and have already paid out £3.5bn. In addition, the onus is on the banks to establish the facts so you can claim even if you no longer have the details of the loan or the policy or it was many years ago.

Using the Which? letter I helped a close family member reclaim over £3,500 in respect of several PPI policies for which he had none of the details. All it took was one letter and he had the money within the eight-week deadline banks are allowed.

If you have had PPI the odds are that you will have been mis-sold. If you haven’t done anything about it yet you owe it to yourself to make your own claim now.

Tina Langford, Chestnut Grove, Sprotbrough

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