Letters January 12, 2011

COULD it be possible for the director of neighbourhood services to come clean on just what services the council tax payers are going to receive in 2012?

It is mentioned in your paper what Coun Ransome thinks, and maybe told by officers what’s being achieved, but I can assure her and others in the council executive it is nothing like that on the ground, especially in this area.

Not long ago we used to see clean streets and even a warden walk around the area where we could have some contact advising them who was making nuisances and littering.

For instance a full double bed mattress dumped in the backs (on the highway) has been there for over a week. Regular as clockwork we have TVs and furniture dumped in alleyways whenever the tenancies have changed.

The 736000 number is another waste of time because I have personally used it numerous times but have always got the same answer, “we will pass it on to the area manager”, telephoned the three councillors who are the elected representatives for the area, always the answer phone, no wonder people are losing interest.

Let’s get back to basics, we want the workforce on the highways and byways not sat in the office playing with their iPods, it’s a known fact that the Indians are being overrun by the chiefs, but that’s always been the same in public services.

This area has five workers looked after by nine management, enough said.

Mr W Mondale, Belmont Avenue, Balby

I’ll be voting to keep mayor

WELL done Jim Northmore for speaking up for Peter Davies (Free Press, December 22).

Essentially an ‘independent’ leader, the mayor has, by and large, delivered what he set out in his manifesto, despite serious restrictions from a Westminster Government grappling with a debt loaded legacy.

Clearly the current system is better than the days when the electorate was the subject, or should I say victim, of party political preferences.

No doubt Mr Davies will maintain his integrity by arranging a referendum within the specified time limit. When he does I will be voting to keep the current model, and if he is still standing, I will be backing Peter Davies, the great mayor.

Brian McQueen, Alderson Drive, Bennetthorpe

Thanks for your support

MAY I, through your paper and on behalf of the Doncaster shop, and the fundraising group of Save the Children, wish all our supporters a very happy new year and thank them for their valued help during 2011.

A big thank you to our loyal shop helpers who work so hard every week and, of course, our customers.

These last few weeks have been very busy since our refurbishment and I would like to give a special thank you to Lloyds TSB who have paid for and carried out the work as part of their charity of the year commitment, it looks great and is such a transformation.

I would also like to thank those people who have helped supermarket collections and coffee mornings and have donated cash or goods for the shop on Silver Street.

Without you all the work Save the Children does abroad and in the UK could not carry on.

Finally, thanks to the Doncaster Free Press for your continuing support.

Freda Crompton, Parkway, Armthorpe

Recycling? More like fly-tipping

ON January 2, 2012 I was driving behind a council recycling lorry from Warmsworth to Conisbrough.

My husband and I couldn’t believe how much rubbish was escaping in such a short time; there were newspaper sheets, squashed plastic milk bottles and cardboard being strewn all over the countryside.

We counted at least 20 pieces and we didn’t start counting on first observation.

What a mockery of the whole process.

The good citizens of Doncaster who care for their environment, would be horrified, as we were .

This experience was no better than fly-tipping.

Surely, in this day and age of modern technology Doncaster Council can purchase recycling lorries that keep the recycling in the lorry, not littering the highway?

Mrs C Gaylor, Comet Court, Auckley

Why penalise the driver?

I AM writing this letter to say how disgusted I was towards the pubs around Doncaster on “Mad Friday”.

I am nominated driver for my drinking friends.

We went around six pubs and I explained to the bar staff I was a nominated driver and only drinking coke, they said “not at this pub”.

The sad thing is my coke was dearer than their two-for-one alcoholic drinks.

Why do the Government spend time and money advertising the drink driving awareness when the pubs don’t?

The police closing Silver Street - great result, well done.

Russ Milner, Hawthorne Grove, Bentley

Have a word with councillors

HOW thoughtful of Ed Miliband to be so proud of the borough of Doncaster (DFP December 22), but if Mr Miliband thinks that only the last year has been painful, he is even more short-sighted that I thought.

Where has he been for the last 15 years?

Mr Miliband, with all due respect, the residents of Doncaster are only to well aware of the wars overseas, and the sacrifices made by all service personnel, not just our local ones, our young men coming home with limbs missing and in body bags, and for what ?

And we all remember which Prime Minister took us into these wars.

I think I speak for the majority of Doncaster residents in saying all we would like from you Mr Miliband, that being leader of the Labour party, is for you to make Doncaster’s Labour councillors toe the line, and start to work with the democratically elected mayor Peter Davies, for the good of Doncaster, and for them to start and earn the money they are paid for being councillors,

Mick Glynn, Hatfield Town Coun, Doncaster Road, Hatfield

Looking for former members

THE British Korean Veterans’ Association is trying to contact former members of HM and Armed Forces who served in Korea/Japan from 1952-53 and also those servicemen and women who served in these two places at a later date with the peace-keeping force 1953-57.

This appeal includes former members of the merchant navy, NAAFI, Red Cross and WRVS.

Any interested veteran should contact me at the address below. An SAE would be much appreciated for return correspondence.

May I thank you in anticipation for any help you can give us with our appeal.

Brian Hough Esq, ex Kings Liverpool Regiment, 116 Fields Farm Road, Hattersley, Hyde, Cheshire, SK14 3NP

VC article was correct

I’M hoping you will be able on my behalf to let the Doncaster public know, and in particular Mr Day, that your article (DFP November 10) is accurate in its entirety.

Mr Day refers to a very, very brave man who not only was awarded the VC but also the Military Medal but he was not Doncaster born.

He was in fact born Laurence Calvert in Leeds, West Yorkshire on February 16, 1892. Laurence rose to the rank of Sergeant in the Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry (KOYLI). He was awarded the Victoria Cross due to his actions that he carried out on the September 12, 1918 at Havrincourt in France and it was Gazetted on the November 12, 1918.

When it was Gazetted it was noted that he lived in Conisborough . He died on the July 6, 1964, in Dagenham Essex.

Yes Mr Day, Mexborough is very much part of Doncaster and the man himself was no doubt a very proud Doncastrian.

On having the articles placed in the Free Press regarding John Harper VC it wasn’t anyone’s intention to make light of any other recipients of such a prestigious honour no matter where they came from, simply illustrating the fact that John Harper is the only Doncaster-born recipient, which I personally don’t think it is really that important.

Gordon Harper, Station Road, Hatfield

Mayor is being blocked

IT is rarely I respond to Freeviews letters, but after reading Mr Cuthbert’s letter (Freeviews, January 5). I have risen to the occasion.

It referred to cutting councillors. Far from the maturity I expect from my maybe a future councillor (I understand you are standing for the Lib Dems in Bessacarr in May).

Mr Cuthbert is also encouraging us to vote to get rid of the mayoral system so we can have democracy back again in our council – goodness me, has he forgotten the old days when the council officers ran the entire show? No democracy whatsoever and of course the real big one, ‘Donnygate’.

Mayor Peter Davies is the only person stopping the Labour council from running rough-shod over the towns people as they have in the past.

This present mayor was voted in because he had some refreshing ideas the voters liked. He has since tried to implement them, but it has been very difficult to achieve.

He has been blocked at every turn by councillors, including your Lib Dem friends Mr Cuthbert.

As for the mayor’s propaganda, is your party any different Mr Cuthbert? I think not just look at Mr Clegg your leader – need I say more?

K Hunt, Rose Hill Rise, Bessacarr

Dog dirt is a big issue

MANY of you will just leave your dog to do its business and not care, others will pick it up in a bag and place it in the nearest bin.

If a child was playing, tripped in dog poo, there then could be a possibility of that child then becoming blind.

The council have put up signs and painting marks on the pavements, “Pick up, or pay up” This motto is no longer enforced, if something isn’t enforced then why should someone follow by that rule?

I believe council workers, police officers and community support officers should all have the power to hand out a £60 on the spot fine to anyone they catch dog littering.

Action needs to be taken to stop dog litter.I now hope many of you start picking up your dog excrement, instead of leaving it for the public to smell, see and stand in, and if no action is taken then a protest may be an option.

Andrew Mee, Wheatley