Letters, December 22

I’VE been a good girl this year, so here is my Christmas pressy list please (I only want two small things): I’d like enough money to make the lake edging in our park as good as new, it really is crumbling.

I’d like a full time warden in the park so that he could stop people dropping litter; letting their dogs poo without cleaning up after them; letting their dogs chase and kill the ducks; and steal our plants.


If I can have these two things, I promise I’ll be a really good girl next year.

Sandra Crabtree, Chairman Friends of Sandall Park

Festive greetings from MP Ed

THE festive season is, traditionally, a time for having fun with loved ones, friends and family, and for looking forward to the future. But it is also a time for reflection.

I am immensely proud of the borough, its people and heritage - but the past year has been painful.

One in four young people are now out of work or training; schools, libraries and the voluntary sector have suffered swingeing cutbacks, and support for those on low incomes has been slashed.

As I reflect on the past 12 months, and the challenges ahead, I am heartened by the community spirit I have seen throughout Doncaster. The success of the Doncaster Cancer Trust’s Scan for Life appeal is just one example. I hope, also, that during the seasonal celebrations and the merriment people will spare a thought for those who are not as fortunate as ourselves - like the men and women from Doncaster currently serving overseas in our Armed Forces - and may not be able to share and enjoy the festivities.

Finally, I wish you all a very happy, peaceful Christmas and a healthy new year.

Ed Miliband, MP for Doncaster North

It’s time to move forward

WITH regard to the proposed referendum, I would ask the voters of Doncaster to remember Donnygate.

For too many years the town has been in the hands of councillors who have only had their personal interests at heart and not the well-being of the town.

We now have the chance under mayor Peter Davies to move forward if only he is allowed to do so without having to fight the council members all the way.

So come on you voters and make sure we get a system that will put the town first.

Jim Northmore, The Bramblings, Bessacarr

Thank you DRI

I WRITE to express the sincere thanks of my wife and I to all the staff who have treated us whilst patients at DRI.

During the last four years we have both been patients with stays varying from one to eight days both having had operations during these times. I have also received additional treatment in the rehabilitation unit.

The care, courtesy and consideration shown to us by every member of staff we have met, from front door to surgeon has been superb. The hospital appears to have all the best equipment available in every department we have seen. It certainly has the best staff.

Keep up the excellent work DRI

Hilary and Geoff Payne, Lime Avenue, Auckley

Editor is needed

WE need a volunteer third editor to join Fay and Christine at Talking Newspapers for the Blind.

The role mainly entails scouring newspapers, which are provided free, for interesting and informative stories over two weeks out of every six, assembling the material on reader boards then masterminding a recording session once every sixth Friday morning.

This post would suit a friendly, orderly person with an enquiring mind.

Doncaster and District Talking Newspapers for the Blind is a registered charity run on donations and staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers.

For further information please contact, secretary John Andrews on 07530526654 or by email at mix.messages@blueyonder.co.uk

John Andrews (Sec), TNB c/o 250 Thorne Road, Doncaster

Let’s have info on eateries

I SEE Barry Crabtree has written a review about Hooton Lodge. Yes, it sounds a nice place.

It might be a good idea if he could possibly mention if any of these pubs or restaurants cater for us coeliacs. A Coeliac is someone who has to eat a gluten-free diet.

It can be a turn off if you ever want to go out for a meal, and then find the staff aren’t sure what we are asking about when you have to ring them up prior.

A lot of things have this evil gluten in.

Now when we last went to The White Bear at Epworth the chap behind the bar was also a coeliac and he got talking to us about places that can and can’t cater for us.

Janice Beal, Main Street, Hatfield Woodhouse.

Why are we left out?

ONCE again Thorne is being hit by Doncaster Council.

We have had the grant that was promised towards regeneration blocked by this council (even though Thorne is the highest rated area in the borough), but now they plan to build houses on the green adjacent to Cherrytree Drive and Hawthorne Road.

This was talked of in the past but it was found that the drainage system was not adequate so the matter was shelved.

Now in their wisdom, or lack of it, they are saying this is again to happen.

Have they not thought of the disruption it will cause in the area and also stop the children having a play area and the residents having a good outlook from their homes?

We, the residents of Thorne and Moorends, are sick of Doncaster Council leaving the area out of regeneration projects and being left to fall into neglect.

We want something done about the squallor and deprivation that is happening to our once nice and prosperous town.

Alex Yeaman, Cherrytree Drive, Thorne.