Letters, August 2, 2012

Dennis Hodgetts, from Warmsworth, took this picture of the Lancaster Bomber 'City of Lincoln' carrying out a fly-past at Old Edlington during the unveiling of a plaque in memory of fallen RAF heroes.
Dennis Hodgetts, from Warmsworth, took this picture of the Lancaster Bomber 'City of Lincoln' carrying out a fly-past at Old Edlington during the unveiling of a plaque in memory of fallen RAF heroes.

HOW sad that our elected mayor shows so little respect for the efforts of the late Father Gerard Harney, Freeman of the town and friend to all who had the privilege of working with him.

Father Gerard served Doncaster from the late 60s, and was a comfort and guide to all seeking solace.

On a personal note he instructed me when I converted to the Roman Catholic faith, was present at our marriage, at the baptism of our children, guided us through many difficult times, rejoiced at our Ruby wedding anniversary and most recently shortly before his terminal illness administered the Sacrament of lst Holy Communion to our grandson in Lourdes.

During the years, for thirty of which I served as a councillor for Wheatley and Bessacarr, he provided vigorous and enlightened leadership of the McAuley School, and served with understanding as Chaplin to our council, avoiding any political bias and earning the respect and friendship of elected members which was so clearly expressed in his election as a Freeman.

In attending the service in thanksgiving and memory of Father Gerard in Ireland our civic mayor Councillor Christine Mills expressed the appreciation of all who loved and respected Father Gerard.

Father would have understood the objections of mayor Peter Davies, but I can more clearly hear his “thanks a million”.

For my part I am grateful to Council Mills for her recognition of the long years of support for Doncaster and for expressing our appreciation.

Perhaps one day Mr Davies will understand that gratitude and appreciation have a value far beyond financial cost.

Ian Prior, past councillor DMBC, St Eric’s Road, Bessacarr

I’d have liked to see the flypast

I HAVE just heard on the local news about the long waited memorial to the brave airmen who lost their lives when the Lancaster bomber crashed 70 years ago at Edlington.

Can anyone tell me why local people never seem to gety any notification of these events taking place until after the event.

My family and I would have been honoured to be present at the unveiling to pay our repsects and also to see the Lancaster fly past, but alas, as with many other memorable events taking placein and around Doncaster, we were sadly unaware.

Pat Dale, Ambassador Gardens, Armthorpe

We should be tougher Ed

OH dear, oh dear! What a sickening sight and sound of Ed Milliband grovelling to the French socialists, whole-heartedly assuring them with “I want to say, very, very clearly, that we consider Britain’s place to be in Europe and firmly in Europe.”

Of course, because in my view Europe is the home of sacked and failed labour politicians.

When a referendum on Europe is included in the labour party manifesto then please remember exactly what Mr Miliband has said.

He certainly is not reported telling the French President it is unacceptable not to deal with the problem of asylum seekers already on French soil, therefore Frances’ problem, instead of lining them up at French ports to head for the UK.

Only a few weeks ago he admitted the last government had got it wrong on immigration and migration.

I for one am still waiting for Blairs three strikes and you’re out policy that was included in the the 1997 manifesto, of course that wont happen either because he signed away our rights to govern our own country without a single reference to the British electorate.

Like it or not the present government was elected by the population and calling on members to strike because you don’t like the way things are going is not democratic.

They had ample opportunity to strike in the Blair/Brown years when Blair introduced the national minimum wage then gave away jobs to foreign workers who would work for less, of course the national minimum wage was rolled out for all employers.

What happened to the voice of the unions then, when thousands lost their jobs or had their hours cut to part time?

I wish whole-heartedly for somebody to have the belief in my country that I have and champion the rights of the British people to govern ourselves without looking to Merkel and friends for approval.

Anne Rutherford, Norwood Road, Dunscroft

Fantastic job 
on the flats

WHAT a fantastic job done on the renovation of St James flats.

The transformation from drab grey, monolithic momuments of shabby council house high rise to smart looking apartment blocks is amazing.

Everyone connected with the project should feel proud to be associated with the scheme, a real asset to Doncaster.

Derek Gleadall, Croft Road, Balby

We need fewer takeaways

I FULLY support the remarks by John Lyne in last week’s issue of the DFP re how dirty the streets in Stainforth are, and one of the main reasons for this is discarded cartons etc from one of the many fast food takeaways on the main street.

Out of 27 shops, 11 are takeaways, and when I brought this up at a parish council meeting one of the councillors said “it is better to have another takeaway than an empty shop”.

With Doncaster having one of the highest obesity rates in the country enough is enough. We need other retail outlets in the village councillors, not takeaways.

Tommy Chappell, Measham Drive, Stainforth

Race nights are 
a worry for me

I FEEL I must air my opinion about the race goers in town after the racing.

I am a pensioner and I enjoy my tour of duty round the pubs in town - but when it’s race day I stay clear of the ones I enjoy a pint in.

You have the race goers walking or staggering round town with their suits on and their badges showing - ‘look at me I’ve been to the races’ attitude.

How do they get served when they come from the races with a full wobble on?

They are worse than football supporters - they should be shown the way out of town after the races finish.

Lionel Overson, Childers Street, Hyde Park

Thank you for all your help

MY wife and I set off on July 9, en route to France towing our caravan.

We called at Bawtry Caravans to pick up an essential electrical part for France, unfortunaltyey we had parked on double yellow lines as we believed that we would only be there for less than a minute.

Sadly on returning to the car we discovered an engine problem that required the attention of the RAC and we could not move it.

The RAC were extremely busy and left us in no doubt that we could expect a long delay adding to our embarrassment of being on double yellow lines, and then the heavens opened to compound our misery.

At this point Mr Jonathan Goulden, managing director of Bawtry Caravans came over and asked us why we were still in the car, and instructed us to follow him into the cafeteria, where he instructed staff to provide us with refreshments, ‘on the house’ and to give us every assistance that we required, including storing our caravan and belongings safely over night.

While we would not dream of imposing on his hospitality, and we had to delay our holiday by 24 hours, it was an exceptional display of kindness courtesy, consideration and hospitality seldom experienced in this day and age.

May we express our sincere thanks to Jonathan and all his wonderful staff at Bawtry Caravans for everything.

Brian and Angela Kelly, Cliff Villas, Conisbrough

Really wonderful school staff

AS another school year has come to an end I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff at my daughter’s pre-school, Warmsworth Community Pre-School, for making the last two years of Keira’s time there so happy, exciting and fulfilling.

So often we only hear the bad reports on pre-schools and nurseries and the good goes without notice, that’s why I want to thank the staff, Jo-Ann auty, the pre-school manager, Lindsey Cook, deputy manager Marie Chilton, supervisor, Tracy Alcock, Karen Curtis, Michelle Payne, Keycher Chilton and Wendy Jones for all their fantastic work they’ve done with Keira and all the other children in their care.

All staff are totally dedicated to their roles and it shows.

I want to thank them all too for their support they’ve given me through a very difficuly and stressful time.

The pre-school not only support and care for the children, but offer continual support to parents and are always on hand to offer guidance or advice.

I really cannot thank them all enough. Keira has loved every minute of her time there. With total gratitude.

Lynda Aistrop, Tenter Lane, Warmsworth

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