Letters, April 28, 2011

YAHOO! 24,000 jobs to be created for Doncaster, wonderful news. Sorry to be a nasty sceptic, but I will believe it when I see it.

Just what jobs are these going to be? Are all the unemployed going to become fully qualified engineers, electricians, carpenters, geologists and surveyors overnight?

Will Doncaster become a skills mecca for the North East? No, of course not. So not much hope then for people who hang around outside the job centre, or those who clearly wish to do something other than see their lives slip away.

No, the DMBC PR must be so proud of themselves for grabbing such a headline.

I remember much the same hype when the Channel Tunnel was being proposed for London and Kent, thousands of jobs for everyone, in fact I think there were two local jobs created.

The firms involved in the planning and building of said £18 million new road scheme will probably, in fact, bring in their own highly-skilled engineers to build it.

How odd that this wonderful news for Doncaster cannot help with the filling in of suspension-destroying potholes, or the sweeping of pavements of the grit remnants from last year’s severe winter conditions (eight inches of snow) which now make an equal hazard for both pedestrians and cyclists.

Maybe a little slice of that could go to a few more hospital beds, a few more books for schools (oh, I forgot there will be plenty when the libraries close down) or just maybe some of those funds could go to better mental health facilities, or even more night classes at local schools for training for a whole variety of interests and skills.

Needless to say I will not hold my breath, we’ve had a useless Labour local council for the past 35 years, don’t see common sense and a duty of wellbeing coming any time soon.

Chris Barber, Lawn Road, Doncaster

Heard these claims before

DONCASTER is a major road and rail centre, yet like any other similar town or city throughout Britain it suffers economic and industrial decline, as is clearly demonstrated by the now defunct Wheatley Hall Road industrial estate.

The myth that building roads attract jobs, rather than creating jobs and industries that determine the need for roads to serve them, is a more realistic approach.

It is worth recalling the similar claims, that no doubt Hilary McMnee supported, that Robin Hood Airport would create 7,000 jobs and bring prosperity and tourism to Doncaster.

If Doncaster with its advantageous transport links cannot attract industry and jobs, then it would be even less likely that an additional link road in the area would improve the matters.

As for the Inland Port, the development of such a facility on 980 acres of flood plain to enable speed of access in imports of products from abroad in preference to home-based production could hardly be described as an environmental or economic feasible strategy.

Terry Wilde, Grangefield Avenue, Rossington

It’s a hospital not a business

NHS-DRI versus Business Organisation. Yes people of Doncaster this is what those in charge of your hospital call it a ‘business, an organisation’.

Have these people forgotten what the NHS is for? It’s for the sick and dying of Doncaster, that’s why Doncastrians paid their dues and built a hospital to be proud of, and one that pays their wages.

So it is not surprising that front line staff are not being paid for the Royal Wedding Bank Holiday.

I bet if any of the powers that be had to work it they would change their policy.

Don’t worry Mr Cameron, DRI are right behind you with privatisation.

M Collins, Intake

Support for Save the Children

APRIL 23-30 is the main fund-raising awareness week of the year for Save the Children.

Here in Doncaster we are holding various events and the shop is putting on a special display window to coincide with the Royal Wedding and the Save the Children week. The group will also be collecting at a supermarket.

There have been many disasters both natural and man made during the past year and Save the Children are deployed there helping all vulnerable children. More need in the UK is apparent in the worsening economic climate.

Ms F Crompton, Parkway, Armthorpe

What do we pay our taxes for?

IT makes me wonder what our taxes are actually paying council employees for.

The people who emptied my black wheelie bin on Tuesday, April 19, returned the bins back to the wrong gates.

When I mentioned about leaving the bins anywhere he said we should have numbers on our gates so they know where to return them. Quite a few of us already have done this and still binmen seem to take no action.

I think it’s about time these people are monitored and kept in check to see that they are doing the job they get paid for properly.

H Smithson, Burton Avenue, Balby

Can people harm the countryside?

WHILST stood at the traffic lights some weeks ago just outside the entrance to the Doncaster airport which used to be the old mess hall watching the rooks building there nests reminded me of a report on breakfast television why the birds where nesting higher this year

It was an old wives’ tale to do with the weather. On stopping at the same traffic lights on Easter Friday my wife screamed out, ‘the trees are gone nests and all’.

Now, I was always under the impression that under the countryside and wildlife act it was illegal to disturb, interfere, or destroy the habitat of British birds whilst nesting. Who are these nameless faceless people who think the law doesn’t apply to them?

W J Rigby Cripps, Avenue, Rossington

I’m sick of cash being wasted

IN reply to Anne Hoyer’s letter re Rossington Parish Council. Where are all these jobs you say we don’t want coming to Rossington?

It’s not a matter of not wanting jobs. I am just sick of DMBC wasting millions of pounds of our tax money.

Why don’t you ever moan about the £5 million written off the airport business tax last year? Or the £100,000 a year security bill for the closed Earth Centre?

And as to the so-called reclamation of the pit tip, do you know that around 70 lorries a day will be running past your house for four to five years carrying the coal out of the village, down West End Lane which has been narrowed since the pit closed?

The parish council has asked the company to open the old pit line to use trains instead of lorries .

But we were told this would create problems for the link road (too expensive to make a bridge over the lines).

So every avenue was looked at prior to objecting to the scheme going ahead.

And that by using the spoil to both fill in the flood plains so that the proposed rail port doesn’t flood, and to make the link road.

What’s left over (eight million tons) will be spread over the farm land to the south of the current pit site, both spoiling green belt land and also creating brown sites for future development by developers, I must add, who have had £100,000s in grants to run their schemes in Rossington

Christopher Judd, Grange Lane, Rossington.

To me, it’s all gobbledegook

I’VE just read your ‘guest column’ written by Jon Whitely, whose opening line is “I am chair of Enterprising Doncaster.” Surely he means chairman?

“I am chair” sounds like some greeting from a visiting alien. “I am chair... take me to your leader.”

Afterr reading through all the usual meaningless buzz words such as ‘positive step change’ ‘funding streams’ ‘key partners’ etc, I wondered if Doncaster MBC have a special department for inventing ridiculous acronyms and titles for their schemes, or is done by Mayor Davies?

I refer to the fact that the FARRRS scheme (no doubt pronounced FARCE) is now to be known as ‘Gateway to Sheffield City Region’.

Have I missed something here? Did the recent jolt of the earth’s tectonic plates move Sheffield 20 miles to Finningley?

I thought it was bad enough calling our airport ‘Doncaster Sheffield Robin Hood Errol Flynn Arthur Scargill International’. but ‘Gateway to Sheffield City Region’ takes the biscuit.

If we must have an acronym for this scheme how about City Region Access Program?

B Newbold, School Walk, Old Edlington

Use your vote wisely on 5th

AND so we find the local elections are looming again. On May 5 you’ll be deciding who you want to represent you on Doncaster Council.

You’ve had all the same leaflets through your door; Labour, Conservative, Lib-Dem, but what’s this? BNP?

Forgive me if this seems more like a rant or if I seem unfairly harsh on BNP candidates, but I don’t want to see a Doncaster Council full of members of the British National Party. Allow me to run through the BNP’s agenda.

I imagine everyone knows of their controversial immigration policy. Close the borders. What, is that it? Close them off completely? Pretty much. They would stop immigration completely, which several leading politicians have already pointed out would be bad for the economy.

But oh no, they wouldn’t force immigrants out of the country. In their manifesto they call it “promotion of the voluntary repatriation scheme.” All sounds very friendly doesn’t it? I call it “strongly advising you to leave.”

And then we come to the “indigenous Briton” argument. They say that if immigration carries on at the level it is doing the “indigenous” British people will be a minority in 50 years.

What’s an indigenous British person? Anyone who seriously studies British history can tell you that we’ve been mixed up with so many different cultures and people in history (the Romans, the Vikings, the Saxons, the Normans, just to name a few) that the idea of an “indigenous” British person was lost centuries ago!

Our language is littered with words from different languages, through the mixture of different cultures through history. You only have to look at Doncaster to see the Romans’ history here.

Leon French, Gordon Road, Edlington

Bring back Sir David Danum

WHEN is the Free Press going to bring back Sir David Danum? It was the only thing worth reading in your newspaper - although newspaper is a term I use lightly, there’s precious little news in it.

It used to be the highlight of my week reading his very accurate views on Doncaster and I have to agree with those who have written in asking him to be brought back.

Instead you’ve replaced him with some third-rate rubbish called Donny Diary that even my young grandson do a better job of.

So editor, please eat humble pie and reinstate our David now - the Free Press just isn’t the same without it.

K Reed, Thorne Road, Doncaster