Letters April 19, 2012

FORMER Home Secretary David Blunkett has criticised plans to replace traditional beat bobbies with police community support officers (PCSOs).

I don’t know about other towns and villages in South Yorkshire, but in my road in Denaby I haven’t seen a PCSO for a year or two and a policeman (not in a car), for some three years. An increase in any would be an improvement.

Pete Day, Shephards Close, Denaby

All we want are decent services

IN response to Mr Turgoose’s letter (Freeviews, April 12), I couldn’t agree more with his sentiments.

Doncaster is a dirty town and things are not improving. When you pass litter bins overflowing with rubbish and never emptied or days on end, how can you fine individuals for littering when the bins are overflowing and rubbish stacked at the side of them?

The local election bandwagon has begun and they will be promising everything, the only thing we want is a good public service delivered by the council.

Mrs B Stoppard, Aintree Avenue, Cantley

Let’s keep the mayor system

WHAT a state all the political parties must be in regarding the 2012 candidates’ list.

Having seen the list of candidates for the 2012 local elections I just cannot believe the number of ex-councillors that are trying to make a comeback, more than Frank Sinatra ever did, and to make matters worse they are forwarding their names to stand in wards miles away from where they reside, or it a possibility they would be rejected by their own ward voters?

With the ruling Cons/Dems, trying to run or ruin this country - I don’t know which - and Labour having not one policy of their own it looks to me as Doncaster will be following their lead.

Let’s hope that the voters of Doncaster use their vote in the referendum to keep the elected mayoral system, otherwise it will be a shambles in the council chamber. It would run a close second to the Muppet Show.

Mr A Higgins, Briar Road, Armthorpe

Don’t forget the TA’s effort

IT’S good to see an acknowledgement, in the local press, for the sacrifices made by our Armed Forces personnel, in the Falklands conflict, but I did notice that there was no reference to any TA groups, local or otherwise.

I understand that you may have put them with the regulars, as in ‘all Armed Forces’, but as we have local press and local TA it would have been good to see their barracks in print. Members of 219 Sqdn. RCT (V), along with other RCT (V) units were involved with loading ammunition ships bound for the Falklands.

This not a case of wanting my name in the DFP and I do know that local TA members have been mentioned in DFP re: Iraq and Afghanistan. Keep up the fight for Doncaster and surrounding districts.

Ex Cpl, 219 Sqdn, RCT (V), Conisbrough

Help me find my family

I AM trying to find the whereabouts of relatives on my mother’s side. The only detail I recall is Green Lane, Askern, and the family name is Rosbotom. If any of your readers have any information please contact me at the address below.

David Simmons, 2 Merrymeet, Banstead, Surrey SM7 3HT, Tel. 01737 361999

Our fine town ruined by yobs

IT was good to welcome some old friends to Doncaster over a long weekend.

They were both new to the area and the town, and they loved the hospitality and warm welcome we got in The Salutation, they thoroughly enjoyed pottering around Tickhill and its magnificent medieval church, they admired the celebrated Mansion House, and were astounded at the sheer variety of foods and goods they discovered in the award-winning market.

But then, on Friday afternoon, we left the covered market by the entrance that faces toward The Red Lion, and were greeted by the sight of a drunken group of foul-mouthed anti-social yobs (both male and female) all holding cans of alcohol, and swearing at the tops of their voices.

The air was blue as obscenity followed obscenity. One of them was using the litter bin as his own personal urinal, in full view of appalled passers-by.

Not a sign, of course, of any police officer, community support officer or market enforcers. They were all keeping their distance as the noisy abuse worsened.

The long-suffering market stallholders nearby were all packing up early.

On the Sunday morning, walking into town, piles of litter (fag packets, polystyrene containers, crisp packets, you name it) blew around the pavements on Thorne Road opposite Christ Church, and the pavements were strewn with the rubbish left by the previous night’s merry-makers.

I usually am proud to show off the town that I have made my home to my guests. But on this occasion I was saddened and horrified that the enjoyment of the many should be marred by the actions of an anti-social, ill-mannered and explicitly crude riff-raff. And, sadly, I know which memories my visitors will be taking home with them.

Oh, and if any of our civic leaders doubt that the mangy mob on the seats by the market ever existed, I have some photographic evidence which they can see – and so has the lady who runs the nearby plant stall. It doesn’t make pleasant viewing, but at least we have the evidence.

Phil Penfold, Lawn Road, Doncaster

Why are these now issues?

I AM aware of the ‘Save our Libraries’ campaign but there are a few things in particular with which I would take issue.

I am sure none of us are thrilled with the situation where libraries are faced with closure and librarians are made redundant but we are doing our best to work with it.

With reference to the claim, “Not all libraries are accessible.” I would ask if they were previously.

How can it be that a library, formerly run by the council, with a council employee, suddenly becomes inaccessible because volunteers are running the same building?

I volunteer in a library where issues of access have been taken very seriously.

With regard to equality issues, it could be that the volunteers are very well qualified. They are not just plucked out of the air.

Many of them are retired professional people or have worked in situations where they will have undertaken training for child protection and equality and diversity as part of their work. There are those who have particular qualifications relating to disability as well.

Janet McCulloch, Grosvenor Crescent, Warmsworth

Still well done to the Rovers

I WOULD just like to say a massive thank you to John Ryan for doing all he could to keep our beloved Doncaster Rovers in the Championship - sadly it was not to be and I do think if a certain Mr Sharp had stayed we would have made it.

Although one player doesn’t make a team and that’s football, good luck to him.

Also some of the referees’ decisions have been a complete joke and they certainly haven’t helped matters.

Now we have next season to look forward to in League One and it can only be onward and upward.

We’ll still be behind you lads and Dean. Thanks to everyone for doing their best .

Sue Dunnill, Cross Hill Court, Skellow

Waste plant was a done deal

WELL surprise, surprise, the “proposed” waste plant on Bolton Road has almost been given the go ahead, who’d have thought it?

I’m sure that a lot of local residents like myself feel that it is a done deal and that no matter what we think or feel about this waste plant, there is nothing that we can actually do to change the outcome.

The issue about the number of HGVs travelling on our local roads seems to vary between 300 and 450 journeys each day so who knows what the true figure will be?

Have any of the people that have had a part in approving this plant actually visited these roads recently?

This plant is supposed to be environmentally-friendly yet all these HGVs travelling each day is not helping the environment at all, who was the genius who thought it would be?

Why has no one thought to access the waste plant from the adjacent railway with a siding, which has access to Rotherham, Doncaster, Barnsley and Ferrybridge for transportation of waste goods and reclaimed fuel?

This would probably do away with almost all the road transport required thereby making it a far greener and more attractive proposition to local residents.

Anne Lidster, Swinton, Mexborough

Help provide respite breaks

THIS week is Parkinson’s Awareness Week. Parkinson’s is a progressive disease of the nervous system that inhibits the way the brain controls movements such as walking, talking and writing. People with Parkinson’s or other disabilities often find it extremely costly and difficult to organise a break away from their difficult daily routine because of their complex medical and care arrangements.

As a result, a huge number of people with disabilities and their carers give up on the possibility of ever getting any respite, due to the enormous physical or financial barriers they face. But there is support out there.

Vitalise, a national charity, provides essential respite breaks at accessible centres around the UK. Each year we welcome thousands of people with disabilities and carers to enjoy desperately-needed breaks with us – breaks which often mean the difference between coping and despair. For more information, please call us on 0303 303 0145 or visit www.vitalise.org.uk.

Colin Brook, Vitalise, 212 Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, London N1 0QH

Some answers on plastic waste

FURTHER to my letter last week, I obtained from the DMBC on the subject of plastic recycling.

Reply from Doncaster Council: “Further to your comments regarding recycling (which have been passed to the Waste and Recycling Team for response, which you may have already received) please see the information below which may be helpful regarding product recycling logos and why we currently only recycle plastic bottles. In future we may eventually be able to collect and recycle other plastic items.

“At the moment we have nowhere to process other household plastics, and there are no reliable and sustainable markets for that type of material.

“Items like margarine tubs and food trays are made from lots of different lower grade plastics and are much more difficult to clean and process in a recycling facility.

“Many yoghurt pots are actually made from a type of polystyrene and again are difficult to separate and process efficiently.”

Follow the link for further details of recycling.http://www.doncaster.gov.uk/Images/Recycling%20symbols%20explained_tcm2-83724.doc

Mike Charlton, Cantley