LETTER: Monitor your own events

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Two weeks ago we had Gay Pride gathering at Sir Nigel Gresley Square.

What I would like to know is why there was council wardens and PCSOs used to marshall this event?

Surely they should fund and monitor their own events – nothing different to pubs and clubs supplying their own door staff.

The following Saturday, again from Sir Nigel Gresley Square, we had the same again, wardens and PCSOs on duty escorting some maybe 13 youths pushing religion pamphlets into people’s hands (who clearly didn’t want them), at a time when we are reading about a purge on the wrong clientele in our town. So why are wardens and PCSOs who do a valuable job tied up in such non events.

I must say on the latter the wardens appeared to have an air of embarrassment to say the least.

Bet it wouldn’t have happened under our last mayor.

Lionel Overson

Childers Street, Hyde Park