It’s time for planners to listen to those who are affected by big developments

I AM writing in support of Mrs Bacon’s comments (Freeviews, March 3).

I wholeheartedly support her comments on the massive housing projects approved in the Doncaster area.

In detailing the planned developments she obviously did not know about the Manor Farm development approved for the Bessacarr area. This is to include 1,100 houses just off Bawtry Road, running parallel to the M18 and down to the London to Edinburgh Mainline Railway Line (how dangerous does that sound for children playing in the area).

Another consideration which appears to have been totally ignored is the fact that the area is very low-lying and, at the least sign of heavy rainfall, is under water. Despite action groups and protests by the local populace our pleas have been totally ignored.

To accommodate this unwanted development work has commenced on felling hundreds of trees in an ancient woodland bordering Bawtry Road to build a roundabout and road to provide the infrastructure for the housing estate.

It seems that Doncaster trees are only preserved when the Council feels the necessity to do so. This area, as in the case of the Woodfield Plantation development, is greenfield land.

Not only do we have new homes being produced at a time of a dramatic downturn in the housing market (reported in the media on a daily basis) but, in the case of the Manor Farm development, there will be a major influx of vehicles onto Bawtry Road which is already one of the busiest roads in Doncaster and, despite bus lanes and Park and Ride provisions, a living nightmare at peak times.

Please, won’t someone out there listen to what the people of Doncaster are saying?

Mrs Ann C Batson, Bessacarr

Sky for rent over Bawtry

AS a consequence of the downturn in the airport’s business, recent training flights out of Robin Hood airport have proliferated, thus having a large negative impact on the quality of life of Bawtry’s residents.

It is totally unacceptable to expect the town’s residents to put up with this concentration of pollution.

This sky for rent situation cannot be allowed to continue, particularly as most of the training flights over our community are conducted by an airline that no longer operates from Robin Hood Airport. Does the mayor think that by allowing these flights it will enhance the local economy?

Danielle Rollins, Bawtry.

Don’t phone and drive

YOU urged readers (Donny Diary, February 24) to tell you about the worst offending queue jumpers.

You would be better advised to urge them to tell you about drivers using mobile phones (eg registration number, time, place).

Queue jumping is discourteous and may sometimes be dangerous and, where there is a breach of the Highway Code, may sometimes be illegal. However, the use of a mobile phone whilst driving (other than hands free) is always illegal and always dangerous.

I am sick and tired of seeing drivers blithely engaging in this illegal and dangerous activity around Doncaster. Sadly, it isn’t confined to one group of drivers; it is widespread across the ages and sexes and is committed equally by drivers of commercial and private vehicles, including the latter with children on board. The offending drivers may have no regard for their own safety but they should be made to have regard for others’.

Tina Langford, Chestnut Grove, Sprotbrough

Best wishes to Sir David Danum

I HAVE always enjoyed Sir David Danum in your newspaper, he was most helpful bringing to our attention things that are happening around our lovely town, giving his quirky bits of advice.

Also the little tales he used to tell about the local people. It was a sad day when I bought the Free Press and no Sir David.

Would Sir David consider occasionally putting pen to paper, to keep his followers happy? I wish Sir David all the best in his retirement. Please give him my regards, from an ardent follower of his 233 columns.

Ann Angel, Marlowe Road, Barnby Dun

Look at what Labour did

IN reply to Mr Miliband (Free Press, February 24) on his comments about how much the Conservatives has done in the time they came into power in May 2010 for this country.

Can he stand up and say the 15 years Labour was in power, that they didn’t fiddle money out of the people who voted for them, the country would not be in the state it is in today?

When you look back over the last 15 years you can’t blame the Conservatives for Labour crippling the country.

Mr Blair only ran the country into the ground and went out laughing at everyone when he put the other big man in because he knew he wouldn’t last long. This country will never get back on its feet if ever Labour gets back in.

Mr J Scollen, Millfield Road, Thorne

We don’t want more traffic

AFTER having read your article concerning the traffic hold ups going towards town along Sandford Road and opening the link (Woodfield Way), we the residents of Alverley Lane are very concerned on how this will effect us.

Traffic has already gone up more than ten-fold since Tesco was opened, and the new Woodfield Plantation estate was built.

According to the traffic planners we have seen nothing yet, as apparently traffic will double once the link is established. What are they thinking of?

Their last survey carried out between June 13 and July the 3, 2008, of which I have a copy, also shows clearly that the average speed along Alverley Lane is 38mph in a 30 zone.

This includes traffic stood every morning to get out onto Tickhill Road. About eight-ten vehicles even exceed 80mph. I have written to the police and the council as well as Rosie Winterton and the ombudsman in York and sent them a petition signed by all the residents on Alverley Lane. This fell on deaf ears. I have sent letters to the mayor and to the police.

Mr F Pruckl, Alverley Lane, Balby

Some of us need to drive

I HAVE finally come to the conclusion that the intention of Doncaster Council is to do everything in their power to frustrate us into not using our own vehicles.

Not only do they install traffic lights at every junction but also install pelican crossings every few yards. Bus lanes on every road which remain empty most of the time, when during off peak times they could be used to ease congestion as they do in Sheffield.

We read that a new road linking Woodfield Plantation to Balby Carr roundabout is to be constructed yet only used for buses initially and yet Woodfield Plantation has had no bus service since it was built.

I put my hands up Doncaster Council, you have succeeded, I will use the bus. But, wait a minute, I live in a village in Doncaster yet we have not got a bus service to Doncaster. If I want to use a bus to Doncaster I have to walk 1.25 miles to catch a bus, which is OK if you are fit but what do the elderly or infirm have to do, we all need to shop for provisions.

L C Knight, Stainton

More should work from home

MY family live in Doncaster and suffer the horrendous traffic congestion causing absolute chaos and continuous stressful journey for those travelling into the centre due to bus lanes being incorporated into the already congested two-lane road into the bottle neck area of the town.

I wonder how many of those driving to work, dropping kids off at school and child care facilities would relish the chance of working from home even if only two to three days a week? There is more evidence of businesses and organisations seeing the benefit of virtual working. Apart from the environmental factors, there’s the cost of petrol and parking charges for workers.

When will more organisations and businesses see the huge impact and benefits of allowing employees to work from home along with using virtual assistants to take care of their day to day admin tasks - it makes much more sense. Why aren’t more businesses doing this?

Tracey Clarke, Coach Close, Worksop.

It’s all about making choices

IN reply to Tina Marlowe (Freeviews, March 3), yes we do have to make choices in life, and hopefully they are the right ones, but taking out an overdraft for a holiday or to join your favourite gym is not the way forward.

Surely you can see this is giving out the wrong signals to our younger generation?

They need to be encouraged and taught how to manage their finances without helping them to take on debt, thus adding to the current problems of ‘ordinary’ people living within their means.

Not everyone can help having to go to the ‘state’ as you put it. In a lot of cases having no job or hitting hard times is sometimes unavoidable.

Let us hope that one day you and your family don’t find yourselves in the same boat.

Ms Freeborn, Edenthorpe

Children’s Trust needs runners

I WILL be running in this year’s Virgin London Marathon on Sunday April 17 for The Children’s Trust, a national charity which provides specialist therapy, care and education for some of the UK’s most severely disabled children and young people, and rehabilitation to children with an acquired brain injury.

I would like to extend a special invitation to runners, who have secured a place in the marathon but have yet to decide on a worthy cause to support, to join me and be part of the trust’s team.

To find out more, including information on opportunities in other UK and overseas running events please visit:, or telephone: 01737 365018.

Calum Best, On behalf of The Children’s Trust,

These centres should be saved

THE Mayor has done a U-turn on libraries. quite rightly says no to closure of old people’s homes, but proposals for the closure of two social education centres for adults with learning disabilities, doesn’t seem to faze him.

Doesn’t he know that these service-users are the most vulnerable people in our society? He should be thoroughly ashamed of himself for even thinking about these closures.

I hope that I can get support for a campaign against these closures. My son has learning disabilities, with a very severe mental handicap. He attends a SEC. It is our only break from each other. It has been a way of life for 20 years.

I can’t stress enough if you haven’t been in this situation, nobody can even begin to imagine what it is like, so please support carers say no to SEC closures.

Carol Murden, Doncaster

Brewing up community spirit

We’ll be helping combat loneliness by inviting hundreds of older people to join us for some tea-related fun, from tea dances to tea tasting sessions, which are taking place in BUPA care homes the week of Monday, 21 March.

We’re urging everyone to put on the kettle and contact someone they think may need their spirits lifting – a cup of tea is the perfect way to reach out and offer a friendly face.

For more information about your nearest event, or for more ideas about hosting your own, call the Communi-tea Week hotline on 0845 600 4622 or email

Siobhan Drane , Bupa’s Community Affairs Manager, Bridge House, Outwood Lane, Horsforth, Leeds