Your guided Tour to Yorkshire-French without tears

'Ow do
'Ow do

This weekend see Yorkshire pudding on the style for an international cycle race steeped in continental culture.

So, to ensure you're au fait with any Tour de Tyke visitors from across the Channel, here's our French-Yorkshire top ten translations at a glance guide.

Bonjour = ‘Ow do

Je suis tres excite = I’m reet chuffed

Les Competiteurs = Butty dodgers

La rue est fermé = A reet bloody nuisance

Le cycle helmet = T’at

Le cycle shorts = Y’call them britches?

La course a commencé = Summat’s 'appened

Un accident terrible = By ‘eck

Sa jambe est cassé = Tha’s nowt wrong wi ‘im

Le sprinte finish = S’like Donny Races