Young Mexborough military widow runs solo

Janine Fountain.
Janine Fountain.

A COURAGEOUS young military widow and ex-front line soldier is seeking support as she prepares for the upcoming London marathon.

Former Mexborough woman Janine Fountain, 40, was preparing for a marathon with her late husband Steve in 2000, when he was murdered as he strove to break up a fight by a railway line.

The couple had been married just five months but were posted miles apart - the only time they had together was on their brief honeymoon.

Stoic Janine went on to serve two terms with the military police at Afghanistan and one in Iraq. On April 24 she will be the sole representative of the Army Widows’ Association as she tackles her first marathon.

Now living near Sheffield, Janine is supported by her family from all around the Mexborough area. She attended Mexborough Grammar School and now works as a mortuary technician, after leaving the army in 2006.

She said: “I am very emotional about this challenge. I have seen death both as a wife and as a serving soldier.

“I want to raise the AWA’s profile and let people know that the organisation was there for me when I was at my lowest ebb.

“What makes our organisation unique is that it is run by widows for widows, and for recognised partners of army personnel who are widowed in whatever circumstances.

“The money that we raise allows us to assist widows and their families through counselling and ongoing support which is crucial in a family’s life journey following death.”

She continued: “If I can befriend at least one army widow as a result of my effort, then this alone will have made it a success.”

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