You can now get a Che Guevara t-shirt with Barry Chuckle's face on it

What do a hero of the Cuban Revolution and a late comedian from Rotherham have in common?

By Darren Burke
Friday, 7th June 2019, 10:03 am
The 'Barry Guevara' t-shirt. (Photo: Tantrum Records).
The 'Barry Guevara' t-shirt. (Photo: Tantrum Records).

Not a lot, you’d think.

But you’d be wrong.

The 'Barry Guevara' t-shirt. (Photo: Tantrum Records).

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Because Che Guevara and Barry Chuckle have formed an unlikely alliance for this quirky t-shirt that’s flying off the shelves this summer.

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The t-shirt show’s the late Chuckle Brothers’ star's face imposed to the iconic Che Guevara image which is one of the world’s most famous photographs.

Instead of Guevara’s legendary pose, fans can instead sport Barry’s beaming grin about their person.

The t-shirts, on sale via Tantrum Records, have already proved a big hit with fans from across the country snapping them up to sport on holiday this summer.

The 100% cotton ‘Barry Guevara’  t-shirts are priced at £10.99 and come in a very stylish grey and black with sizes from extra small to XXXL.

Guevara, whose full name was Ernesto Rafael, but went by the name Che, was instrumental in the Cuban Revolution between 1953 and 1959 and has become an iconic counterculture freedom fighter figure.

Albert Korda’s photo of him, titled Guerrillero Heroico, is seen as one of the world’s most famous images and was taken in Havana in 1960.

Meanwhile, Barry of course, was one half of Rotherham-born entertainers The Chuckle Brothers along with brother Paul and best known for their ChuckleVision series and ‘to me, to you catchphrase.’

Barry died last August after a secret battle with bone cancer.

The t-shirts are available to buy HERE