Yorkshire Water looking into huge sink hole which opened up in Doncaster street

Yorkshire Water has said it is investigating a huge sink hole which has opened up in a Doncaster street.

Wednesday, 14th July 2021, 10:31 am

The hole in Queen Street, Balby has gone from just a few inches across to a huge hole big enough for a person to stand in in a matter of weeks – with both Doncaster Council and Yorkshire Water investigating.

Now water chiefs have said that repairs will be carried out – if the cause of the crater is found to be a sewer collapse.

A Yorkshire Water spokesperson said: “Our teams will be attending the site to investigate the cause of the hole in the road surface.

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The hole in Balby has gone from a few inches across to a huge hole deep enough to stand in.

"If a damaged sewer is found to be the cause we will carry out repairs as soon as possible.”

The hole was first reported to Doncaster Council on June 14 – but has been left to grow since then.

Last Wednesday afternoon’s torrential downpours saw flash floodwater pouring into the crevice.

A local man, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: "What started out as a tiny hole has now become a massive crater and I’d say it’s now about 3ft deep and about 14-15 inches across. It’s deep enough for someone to stand in.

"If they had sorted it out when they first told, it would have been a small job. Now it’s a great big one."

A Doncaster Council spokesman said: “This reported sink hole is a suspected sewer collapse which has been reported to Yorkshire Water to investigate. In the meantime, we have our teams attending the site to make the area safe.”