Yorkshire folk show 'Southern softies' how to cope with the inclement weather in hilarious pictures

Yorkshire residents have been showing our friends down south how to cope with the snow - with hilarious pictures of themselves braving the elements.

Thursday, 1st March 2018, 8:24 pm
Updated Thursday, 1st March 2018, 8:35 pm
Shorts-clad postman on his round in Sheffield

When breakfast TV presenter Piers Morgan expressed astonishment that a Wakefield man would brave the wintry conditions in shorts, Yorkshire residents have been having a pop at their Southern compatriots and showing them just how to deal with the current snowy weather.

With The Beast From The East leaving the country covered in snow and storm Emma set to exacerbate conditions, amateur Yorkshire comedians are taking to Twitter to show their Southern counterparts how it’s done.

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Tweeting a picture of himself in his snow-covered garden eating his breakfast in just his boxer shorts, Ivor Hillman from Rotherham wrote: "It's only snow. We're tough up north #snow #yorkshiremen #southernsofties."

Meanwhile, Helen from Sheffield posted a picture of her shorts-clad postie walking along a snowy street on his round.

She wrote: "Thank you to our Royal Mail postman showing the world how we do in Sheffield! My hero! #shortsweather #uksnow."

Ruth Ibegbuna wrote: "I live opposite a primary school. They just rang the bell and sent the kids out to the playground to play.

Ivor Hillman showing the Southerners how it's done - eating breakfast, semi-clad in the snow

"Epic storm. Fierce snow. Freezing. #Yorkshire - with two punching fist emoticons.

@Yorkshireproblems posted a picture of a man in a blizzard at an ice cream van with the caption "99 with a Flake please luv. #Snowmageddon".

While Richard McHugh posted a video clip of a man in boxer shorts lying on his back making a snow angel.

He wrote: "#Northern Angel #Toughupnorth #yorkshire - bet you wouldn't do this @piersmorgan you southern softies. You think you can do the talk, now do the walk #northernangel."

Ivor Hillman showing the Southerners how it's done - eating breakfast, semi-clad in the snow