Yobs hurl chairs and fight in street as mass brawl erupts in 'Doncaster' as England slide to defeat

This is the moment yobs hurled chairs and fought with each other in the street in a mass brawl - said to have been filmed in Doncaster - as England suffered heartbreak in the Euro 2020 final.

By Darren Burke
Tuesday, 13th July 2021, 12:26 pm

Violence erupted at the viewing party on Sunday, with kicks and punches being thrown as a group of men – some wearing England shirts – clashed with each other.

The Sun has reported that the footage was reportedly filmed in Doncaster on Sunday. The video, with the title ‘English fans fight each other in Doncaster’ has been widely shared on social media.

But some comments on the clip suggest the footage may have been filmed elsewhere.

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England fans brawl in the footage, said to have been filmed in Doncaster.

One said: “You sure this is Doncaster cos I don’t recognise this place at all.”

Another said: “This isn’t in Donny.”

The Free Press is attempting to verify where and when the footage was filmed.

According to its report, The Sun said some revellers hoisted chairs and threw them at brawlers during the violence.

In the film two men can be seen grappling before others join in.

Shocking footage shows the men throwing punches as women scream - before a shirtless man and a supporter in an England shirt become the first to join the fray.

Moments later, another man in a Three Lions shirt rushes in while holding a bottle of beer in one hand.

The fan recording the footage then scrambles to get away from the violence as a man in a pink top launches a flying kick at one of those involved.

Another of the fighters then hoists a chair and sends it flying over brawlers' heads.

At least ten people appear to be involved as others scatter.

Earlier in the tournament, police were called in to Doncaster town centre after a mass brawl erupted in Hall Gate following England’s 1-0 defeat of Croatia.

South Yorkshire Police reported that a large group of people were fighting outside the Slug and Lettuce. Officers attended and the group was dispersed with no arrests made.

It is understood there were a number of minor scuffles in Doncaster town centre following Sunday’s defeat by Italy.