Writing a labour of love for Gail

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Writing is a labour of love for busy Mexborough Author Gail Jones, who has written three novels while also juggling volunteer work, a council job and caring for her ill mother!

Gail, 46 launches her third novel, Family Missing, at a book signing at Waterstones Meadowhall on Saturday.

It is the the final part of the ‘Rachel Brooks Trilogy’, which has taken her the best part of 10 years to complete.

Her first book, Family Secrets, took her eight years to write as she took time to complete two children’s writing courses.

But the novel was finally released in 2008 and told the tale of a 15-year-old girl called Rachel who finds out she is adopted after moving to Rotherham.

Her second, Family Fear follows on from this, and sees the main character putting her life at risk while tracking down the criminal who attacked her grandmother.

In Family Missing Rachel returns to Rotherham for the third book where the whole of her birth family history is revealed with disastrous results.

Gail is a full time carer for her mother and works from home part time for Rotherham Council.

She said: “I have always loved to write - from being a child I loved paper. If I see a blank piece of paper I wanted to start filling it with words.”

“It wasn’t until my 20s I was working with children at the church. I used to tell them morality stories but they knew tham better than me. Then one day I made up a story about a squirrel.

My colleagues said that I ought to write it down. I ended up taking courses on writing for children - I started with stories for the young ones but preferred writing for young adults”.

Family Secrets and Family Fear are available to order through any bookstore and on any online store priced £5.99 & £6.99 respectively. They are also available on Amazon kindle for 77p.

Family Missing is currently available on Amazon priced £6.99. It will also be available through other online stores within the next few weeks. A kindle version will be available in the future.

Waterstones Meadowhall are holding a book signing for Gail on 4th August from 3.30pm to 5.30pm. This will take place in the Arcade store next to Marks and Spencer, however if that store is being refurbished the venue will change to the other Waterstones store next to Debenhams