Workers say they did not hear train horn at inquest of Doncaster man

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A rail track worker who died when he was hit by a train had been involved in two other incidents in the weeks before his death.

Network Rail had ordered contractor Scott Dobson, of Doncaster, be taken off frontline duties two months before a fatal incident at Saxilby, it is claimed.

An inquest heard how his employers had failed to act on the order and admitted not taking it seriously enough. They had also failed to upload details of the first incident to their internal records system.

Mr Dobson, 26, suffered a fatal head injury when he was hit by a Scunthorpe to Lincoln train at 1.55pm on December 4, 2012. He was leading a group of workers repairing a section of track at Sykes Lane and was in charge of safety at the site.

Colleagues working with Mr Dobson say they heard no horn in the moments before he died.

Although it has not so far not been confirmed that a horn was blown to warn Mr Dobson that the train was approaching, workers with him told the hearing they had not heard one.

The inquest has heard the 26-year-old rail worker suffered a fatal head injury after he was struck by a Scunthorpe to Lincoln train.

Mr Dobson’s team were performing rail improvements on the Gainsborough line shortly before he was hit.

The inquest heard workmates describe his final hours as he took charge on the day of his death.

He began by briefing the team and highlighted safety measures to abide by while on site.

Work to fix a twist in the rail line began at approximately 11am and was successfully finished ahead of schedule before the team took a break until they could complete the second phase, jurors heard.

The hearing was told Mr Dobson had been struggling to arrange line blockages which create clear rail time to perform work all morning due to a “backlog” of trains on the track.

Once the line was available again, work began on compacting ballast underneath the rail line which could have caused a derailment.

Jurors were also told that Mr Dobson’s co-worker, Matthew Rowland, started to work on an unsafe area between both tracks after resuming duty.

It is not clear if Mr Dobson saw this before the collision.

The inquest continues.