Women only NUDE fitness classes run at secret Sheffield location by James Bond

Totally naked fitness classes for women only are being run in Sheffield at a secret and heavily guarded location - by James Bond.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 17th April 2018, 11:03 am
James Bond is running the nude women only fitness classes.
James Bond is running the nude women only fitness classes.

The nude exercises classes are the brainchild of not the famed, film super spy but a Sheffield doctor and fitness expert of the same name.

And women of all ages, shapes and sizes are stripping off and baring all behind closed doors at the closely guarded classes.

The personal trainer holds the classes at a secret location.

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Dr Bond said: "One of the main reasons I designed ladies only nude fitness classes is because it's heartbreaking to hear stories from lots of women saying that they are far too scared to go to a gym.

"At first, the ladies are very apprehensive but when they see that they are not the only person like that they learn to accept themselves.

"All the girls who have taken part in our nude classes have become far more confident. All become more assertive, none are afraid to go on the beach. None of those who are single have been worried about their future partners seeing them naked."

The classes are strictly women only and classes are held behind closed doors. Curtains at the building are closed, men are barred from the building when the courses are taking place and doors are locked and security guards are in place outside to ensure privacy.

The personal trainer holds the classes at a secret location.

Women are encouraged to go totally naked but Dr Bond says there are exceptions.

"At certain times of the month a lady may want to wear a pair of bikini bottoms," he said.

"If you are large breasted then during the aerobics classses you may want to wear a sports bra. However in the yoga and pilates classes you are free to remove the sports bra."

He added: "Without exception, they are worried about their body image and have body confidence issues.

"The most extreme case was the lady who paid some £2,000 for her holiday and then on her way to the airport turned back home and had to forefeit her £2,000 because she was worried about what people would say about her body on the beach."

"That's exceedingly common among those who are considering weight loss surgery.

"When I worked at one gym in Sheffield, I remember one lady got out of her car, walked to the front entrance, got so scared she went back to her car. She did this three times.

"On the fourth occasion on speaking to a member of staff, one of my colleagues said that they couldn't give her gym membership because she was so overweight and could damage the gym equipment.

"The poor lady burst into tears and went back to her car. Luckily I ran to her car, stood in front of it and stopped her. I trained her at another location I use and got her into tip-top shape."

He also said that many men don't want their partners to lose the pounds.

He added: "You won't believe how many women have told me that their husbands and boyfriends forbid them from going to a gym.

"It never ceases to amaze me how so many men don't like to see their better halves get into shape. It's a form of control and they are afraid their better halves will go off with other people."

Anyone interested in signing up for the classes can visit http://www.operationmumsinmind.com or call 0808 222 1007.

Added Dr Bond, whose motto is "don't be a prude, go nude": "Accepting their own bodies as they are is especially beneficial for women who today are under constant pressure to live up to the ideal body image as conveyed in glossy magazines, and are made to feel inferior if their bodies are not the size ten of catwalk models.

"Human bodies come in all shapes and sizes, yet how many people today, other than those in the medical professions, have seen a representative range of naked human bodies."