Woeful lack of HGV parking on Doncaster streets

Regarding your 'Plan under development to deal with anti-social parking by lorry drivers on Doncaster streets',  can you tell me what is intended to be done?

Thursday, 23rd August 2018, 1:11 pm
Updated Thursday, 23rd August 2018, 1:15 pm
HGV Parking
HGV Parking

There is no lorry parking in Doncaster and the lay-bys trucks used to park in on the A1 between the M18 and M62 have been closed and dug up, which is why more and more lorries are being forced to park where they can.

There are only a handful of HGV parking places at the services at Bawtry and the two filling stations near the A638 junction and Ferrybridge services are full by 5pm.

Meanwhile, in the Doncaster area more and more distribution centres are being built, and businesses which create hundreds of jobs for the residents of the Doncaster area require more lorries to deliver to them, which means more HGV parking is needed.

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But, instead of more HGV parking, the authorities are reducing what is available in the area.

My suggestion is that, if the residents don’t want lorries parking on their streets, they stop campaigning against every application there is for truck stops and instead campaign for a decent sized truck stop to be built in the area.

The demand is there and we will use them.

Do you think that, at the end of what could be a 15-hour shift, we want to park up somewhere where we can’t even have access to a toilet, let alone a hot meal and washing facilities?

Glews Garage at Goole built a truck park facility next to its petrol station that can take 70 trucks and, within a week or so of it opening, it was ram-packed full every single night.

The demand is there and we will use them.It isn’t that we don’t want to park in truck stops, it is just – like in the rest of the country – the HGV parking facilities just don’t exist.

It would be nice if journalists like yourself actually put forward the message that there is a woeful lack of HGV parking causing the issue instead of just writing stories about how something is being done to move those nasty, dirty trucks on.

Conor Turton

By email