WMC is first to offer a pint - with a prayer!

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The spirit is strong at a thriving Working Men’s Club at Jump - that has just appointed its own chaplain.

The Rev Martijn Mugge, Curate of St Mary’s, Wombwell, is thought to be the first to ever take up such a post, but he’s hoping it may catch on..

Father-of-four Mr Mugge, 43, said: “I struck up a friendship with the club’s manager Andy Hodgkinson. He’s a great leader on the social side and I’m here to provide help on the spiritual side.”

He added: “I aim to be there every week to make myself available to members who might like to talk to me, and the message is that Christianity is not just about going to church, it’s about people helping each other in all kinds of places and situations.”

Manager Andy Hodgkinson said: ““I am delighted that we might well be the first Working Men’s Club in the country with its own Chaplain.”