‘White Marble, Blue Sea: a journey in the Archaic Age’

ARTIST, historian and tour guide Hilary Hope Guise opened the autumn programme of Gainsborough and District Decorative and Fine Arts Society lectures.

Speaking at the Trinity Centre, she took her audience back to the Archaic age of the Ancient Greeks 800BC-480BC - a great civilisation forming the link between that of the Orient and the later progress of man in Western Europe.

This period saw the rise of the polis, classical philosophy, theatrical tragedies and written poetry as well as the building of monumental temples containing bronze sculpture of the gods who represented ultimate power, grace and confidence.

In particular the worship of Apollo as the god of light, harmony and order, was established at the important sanctuary of Delphi - more easily accessible to the affluent pilgrim.

During the 8th Century Delphi became internationally known for the Oracular powers of Pythia - the priestess who sat on a tripod, inhaled ethylene gasses and muttered incomprehensible words that foretold the future.

The next meeting of the Society will be on Thursday October 4 when Dr Twigs Way will speak on ‘Gardens in Wartime Art: patriotism or renewal’.

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