Which South Yorkshire town has Britain's best lovers where sex-mad singles rate themselves 9.5 out of 10 in bed?

Barnsley has been named sex capital of the UK.
Barnsley has been named sex capital of the UK.

Britain's best lovers have been revealed - and a South Yorkshire town has been named sex capital of the UK.

Singles nationwide rated their own sexual performance for a survey by the Sun on Sunday newspaper and people living in Barnsley gave themselves a whopping 9.5 out of 10 - the highest score anywhere in the country.

Hot on their heels were folk in Hereford, Stoke and Lincoln, who said they were a nine.

But people in Stafford and Enfield, North London, gave themselves a feeble three and bedtime in Belfast is clearly a total flop, with locals rating themselves just one.

One proud local told the survey: “I can go for hours and never get tired," while one female resident said: “I always make sure my man is pleased in the bedroom and would rate my skills as a solid 9½.”

The survey, by dating website saucydates.com, quizzed 23,000 people worldwide, including more than 7,000 Brits, about their sexual prowess. In the UK, women ranked themselves an average seven, meaning they are “good” in bed.

Men ranked six, equating to just “quite good”.

Lovers in London, Manchester and Sheffield scored themselves eight, while those in Nottingham, Cambridge and Liverpool averaged six.

Psychologist Emma Kenny says: “In a small town like Barnsley, compared with London, the work-life balance is different and people are more social.

“They are less stressed and less time-poor — which leaves more time for sex.”