What are all the mysterious black posts popping up around Doncaster town centre for?

If you have taken a stroll through Doncaster town centre recently, you may have noticed a number of black metal posts mysteriously springing up from the pavement.

Thursday, 21st September 2017, 4:23 pm
Updated Thursday, 21st September 2017, 4:30 pm
Posts like this one have been popping up across the town centre in recent weeks.

The posts have been seen on Hall Gate, Wood Street and Cleveland Street and other locations in the town centre - and have left some scratching their heads as to what they are.

The tall, slender black poles, which have been cemented into the ground offer no clues and one reader contacted us to say: "They seem to be popping up all over the place but I have no idea what they could be for.

"Can you find out?"

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Well, the mystery can now be solved - the poles are being installed in the town centre by Doncaster Council to help drivers.

When completed, the posts will carry signs to help motorists find their way around the streets.

Gill Gillies, Assistant Director for Environment for Doncaster Council, said: “The new posts have been installed in the town centre to provide drivers with more information about bus lanes, making it clearer to road users.

"To make sure bus lanes are not misused, and public transport continues to have access to unobstructed priority routes, we are currently upgrading the signage in these areas.”