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We’ve given doncasterfreepress.co.uk a massive make-over so have a look round and tell us what you think.

Our digital team has listened to your suggestions in recent months, improved your favourite bits and dumped the ones you didn’t like.

And you know we want to know what you think - good or bad.

We are also proud of the huge amount of Doncastrians from across the globe who choose our website to voice their opinions on the day’s sport and news.

To be able to do that on the new website you’ll have to register, even if you were registered on the old site.

It only takes a couple of minutes .

If you have queries about the new website, no matter how big or small, email our digital team and we’ll get back to you asap.

Get in touch by emailing web adminstrator Barbara Craythorn at barbara.craythorn@doncastertoday.co.uk

For now, here are tips for getting the most out of the new doncasterfreepress.co.uk:

1, All our content is much easier to find using the drop down menus which appear when you hover over the top tiles - news, sport, community and lifestyle.

2, We can get more news to you with fewer clicks. Take a look down the homepage and you might find stories from sections you hadn’t spotted before.

3, Re-register, pick your username if you want a fresh start (you know who you are!) or stick with your old favourite, then you can comment as before.

4, Get in touch and we’ll do all we can to make your local news website the way you want it.