Yellow thunderstorm warning issued for Doncaster - make sure you're prepared

The Government has issued a yellow warning across Doncaster for potential thunderstorms – after a spell of nice weather, it’s important to be prepared for change.

By jimmy johnson
Thursday, 9th September 2021, 2:56 pm

Adjusting to more traditional British weather can be tough after a spell of warmth. We’ve all enjoyed the heatwave (or not), but now it’s time for a dose of reality as thunderstorms could hit Doncaster this week.

Although we’re no strangers to a storm or two in Doncaster, they should still be treated with caution and it’s good to keep a plan in mind when dealing with them – especially if thunder and lightning are part of the equation.

When will the storms come?

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The storm over Eastney beach. Taken by Cody Greenwood aged 13

The storms are expected to arrive at any time on the afternoon of Thursday, September 9th. They are expected to persist until around 8pm, when they should begin dissipating.

Rain is expected on Friday and Saturday, with Saturday’s precipitation forecast being the heavier. Conversely, mild, dry weather is expected on Sunday. By then, the storms should have passed.

How can I prepare for them?

The main issue of the coming potential thunderstorms is that the temperature is also expected to remain at high levels. Due to this, it may be unwise to wear a raincoat, as you may be susceptible to overheating.

Instead, wearing a hat may be a good idea. This will shield you from the rain somewhat, while also protecting you from ultraviolet light given off by the sun. If you don’t have a hat, a thin hoodie should the trick, although if it’s not waterproof you’re likely to get a bit wet.

If lightning strikes begin taking place, it’s generally a good idea to avoid going outside. A direct strike from a bolt of lightning only has a 10% fatality rate, but they can cause other, long lasting injuries as well.

If you’re stuck out in the thunder and lightning, avoid wooded areas and anything that could act as a conductor for the lightning. You’ll most probably be more safe out in the open than you would be under a tree. Additionally, try not wear anything metallic, as this can act as a conductor for the electricity.