Will it snow in Doncaster during the rest of the winter? Doncaster long-term weather report

The nights are getting longer and the days are getting (somewhat) warmer, but it’s still winter.

By jimmy johnson
Monday, 31st January 2022, 11:32 am

In the UK, the winter season begins on December 21st and ends on March 20th – meaning there’s still over a month and a half left of the cold (depressing, I know). But will there be any snow during this period?

According to Accuweather, there are three days left before the end of winter in which we could see snow in Doncaster – February 15th, March 10th and March 12th.

It’s worth noting that the snow is forecasted alongside rain for each day – so if snowfall does occur, it’s unlikely to settle. Instead, the ground will be more likely to freeze over, so you’ll have to watch your step and be careful while out on the roads.

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Fallen Christmas tree amidst a snow backdrop.

Meanwhile, another weather forecast source, Metcheck, has forecasted snow on two days for the remainder of the winter in Doncaster – February 26th and March 1st . As for the three days that Accuweather forecasted for snow, Metcheck believes it will merely rain on these days with little to no snowfall. We’ll have to see which of the two are correct.

Regardless, in answer to the initial question, there are five days in which Doncaster could potentially see snow before winter ends and spring begins, according to Accuweather and Metcheck (despite their findings being contradictory). It’s doubtful in any case that the snowfall will be heavy or disruptive – it’s more likely to be a mere light dusting.