Platinum Jubilee weekend weather forecast in Doncaster

The Jubilee celebrations are set to take place on June 4th – June 5th. What will you be doing for them?

By jimmy johnson
Monday, 23rd May 2022, 5:47 pm

With the Platinum Jubilee bank holiday just on the horizon in the newly-crowned city of Doncaster, it’s time to begin preparations – but first things first, what will the weather be like for her majesty’s big day?

Will it rain on the Platinum Jubilee weekend?

This is the big question – with many people across Doncaster hosting or attending street parties, we’ll be exposed to the elements for the majority of the Jubilee festivities.

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People across the United Kingdom are getting ready to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's unprecedented Platinum Jubilee.

Currently, the BBC is predicting mild temperatures for the Jubilee weekend, with only a small chance of rain. Both Saturday and Sunday are set to be relatively warm and cloudy, according to the BBC.

Despite this, Accuweather presents a somewhat different forecast for the Platinum Jubilee weekend. They aren’t predicting cloudy skies, like the BBC. Not only this, but they also note the possibility of sporadic bouts of rainfall.

According to Accuweather, Saturday will see 0.7mm of rainfall, which will probably occur at some point in the early afternoon. Meanwhile, Sunday is estimated to be significantly more dour. Accuweather states that there will be an approximate 5.9mm of rainfall on this day, with further potential for thunderstorms in the afternoon. Despite this, the rain isn’t expected to last for any more than three hours.

With two forecasters predicting two different weather reports, it’s likely that the eventual outcome will lay somewhere in the middle. It’s definitely worth packing a waterproof jacket though, just in case.

What will the temperature be like?

Thankfully, it isn’t set to be a swelteringly hot or chillingly cold Platinum Jubilee. Both the BBC and Accuweather are predicting tepid temperatures, with a gentle breeze to along with it.

On Saturday, the BBC predicts a maximum temperature of 18 degrees celsius, while Accuweather has a very similar figure of 19 degrees celsius. Both days will be virtually unaffected by the wind – wind gusts across the weekend will not exceed speeds of 32kmph.

With the clouds and potential for rain, it’s unlikely to ever reach “shorts weather” during the jubilee weekend – but if you’re brave enough, there’s no one to stop you!