Doncaster temperature record is confirmed at 40.1c on hottest ever day

The temperature in Doncaster rose to a staggering 40.1c (104.1F) on its hottest ever day, the Met Office has confirmed.

By Darren Burke
Friday, 22nd July 2022, 7:51 am
Updated Friday, 22nd July 2022, 7:51 am

Provisonal records revealed that the temperature reached a sweltering 40c on Tuesday, Doncaster’s warmest ever day since records began.

Now the Met Office says the temperature was actually very slightly higher at 40.1c – just two tenths of a degree behind Coningsby in Lincolnshire which set the new record for the UK’s highest ever temperature at 40.3c.

It smashed Doncaster’s previous record of 35.5c which was set in 1990.

Doncaster's record temeprature on Tuesday was 40.1c

The temeprature was recorded at the city’s nearest recording station, Gringley on the Hill to the southeast of Doncaster which reached a maximum of 35.9C on Monday and 40.1C on Tuesday.

Earlier in the week, BBC weatherman Paul Hudson confirmed Doncaster had hit 40c for the first time ever.

He tweeted: “For the first time on record in our region, we have recorded 40C (104F). Coningsby is currently 40.2C and Doncaster (Finningley) 40C. And climbing.”

The previous UK record was 38.7C in Cambridge in July 2019.

A record for Bawtry, recorded in 1906 when the temperature reached 35.6c has also fallen.

Provisional figures also showed the UK experienced the warmest night on record from Monday into Tuesday.

Emley Moor in West Yorkshire is likely to have broken the night time record, where 25.9C was recorded overnight, according to the Met Office.

The blazing temperatures sparked a series of huge wildfires across Doncaster, causing damage to a number of homes and gardens and forcing residents to flee.