WEATHER WARNING: Tail end of Hurricane Gonzalo set to batter Doncaster

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Damaging gales and driving rain are set to batter Doncaster as the remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo strike.

Fallen trees and flooding could cause rush-hour chaos across the borough on Tuesday morning, according to the Met Office.

It has issued a yellow ‘be aware’ weather alert for Doncaster between midnight and 3pm on Tuesday - and is urging the public to take “extra care”.

A Met Office spokesman said: “The remains of Hurricane Gonzalo will run eastwards across the Atlantic, reaching the UK on Monday night, bringing a period of strong winds and heavy rain to the UK.

“The strongest winds are expected on Tuesday. Gusts exceeding 50mph are likely.

“The public should be aware of the potential for disruption to travel, especially as the strongest winds will coincide with rush-hour in places, and perhaps some damage to trees.

“Difficult driving conditions will result, exacerbated by surface water and spray.

“The public is advised to take extra care.”

Hurricane Gonzalo last week caused widespread damage and a power blackout when it hit Bermuda.

The Bermuda weather service had warned residents not to go outside when the storm’s calm eye moved in, but some ventured out any way to do quick damage assessments, noting that porches were destroyed and power lines were downed.

Royal Navy frigate HMS Argyll has arrived at the tiny British territory to assist in the relief effort if required

The vessel is equipped with a helicopter and a number of small boats to help with reconnaissance and transport, and is also able to assist with power generation, communication and water supplies, the Ministry of Defence said.

Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said: “Royal Navy personnel are trained to respond to situations such as this and HMS Argyll is well resourced and ready to provide assistance to the people of Bermuda.”

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