WEATHER UPDATE: Frost in Doncaster overnight and then unsettled days with rain and wintry showers

Weather forecast.
Weather forecast.

The Met Office has forecast an unsetted few days of weather for Doncaster.

After all today's rain it should become dry this evening, and clear spells will give a frost overnight.

Thickening cloud will build from the west later in the night with light winds expected throughout. Minimum temperature 0°C.

After a cloudy start on Friday with some showery rain, it will brighten up during the afternoon, but with a risk of further scattered showers, especially in the west of the region. Maximum temperature 7°C.

The outlook for Saturday to Monday: unsettled on Saturday with showers or perhaps longer spells of rain. Any early rain on Sunday soon clearing, then increasingly cold into Monday with overnight frost and some wintry showers.