We'd vote to REMAIN if Brexit vote was held again, say majority of Free Press readers

The mood has changed, according to our poll.
The mood has changed, according to our poll.

A majority of Free Press readers would vote to remain in the EU if a Brexit vote were to be held again, a poll has revealed.

We asked readers how they would vote a year on from the EU Referendum which saw people in Doncaster overwhelmingly vote to leave the European Union.

And in stark contrast to last June's poll where 69% of people in Doncaster voted out, according to our survey - carried out as Brexit negotiations finally get underway - the mood seems to have changed with 62% now saying they would vote to REMAIN in the EU.

Just 36% said they would vote to leave - with 2% saying they didn't know.

31% per cent of people voted to remain in last year's official referendum - but that figure doubled to a whopping 62% in our poll.

Many have blamed political turmoil since last summer's vote suggesting they would change their minds if they were given a second chance to vote.