Wath Euro MP backs phone charger safety drive

Linda McAvan.
Linda McAvan.

Wath-based Euro MP Linda McAvan has backed a campaign to make people more aware of the dangers posed by electrical chargers after five members of the same family died in a house fire.

The MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber is backing South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue’s campaign after a fatal house fire in Sheffield was started accidentally by a faulty electrical charger.

Firefighters say chargers can cause fires if they are misused, such as being left on unattended overnight. Cheap, unbranded chargers are thought to be particularly at risk of causing fires, with residents urged to make sure chargers are compatible with the device they are using. The campaign is being supported in Europe and legislation is currently been pushed through to ensure greater safety regulation of mobile phone chargers.

Ms McAvan said: “It is hoped that if mobile phone users just need one charger and everybody in the family can use the same one, there is more of an incentive to invest in good quality, branded and safe, phone chargers, reducing the risk.”

Darren Perrott, a fire service station manager, said: “You should only buy chargers which are compatible with the device you are charging, and never leave things charging overnight.”