WATCH: "We shouldn't laugh, but it was so funny:" Man's fall captured on CCTV outside Doncaster bike dealer is a web hit

CCTV footage of an unfortunate man falling flat on his face outside a Doncaster motorcycle dealer has become a web hit.

Wednesday, 1st March 2017, 1:21 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:12 am
The man laid flat out on the pavement outside Doncaster Motorcycles. (Photo: YouTube).

The footage shows the man taking a tumble to the pavement outside Doncaster Motorcycles in Saint Catherine's Avenue, Balby.

As the clip, which has been uploaded to YouTube plays, laughter can be heard as the man is left sprawling on the floor at the side of the road.

A comment posted with the clip reads: "We shouldn't laugh but it was so funny."

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The clip shows a man dressed in blue trousers, a dark coloured top and a woollen hat strolling past the garage with a blue carrier bag slung over his shoulder.

However, as he walks by, he appears to stumble and smashes into the pavement before rolling onto his back, lying momentarily stunned at the side of the road near a row of motorbikes.

Seemingly undeterred and unaware of the presence of CCTV cameras filming his mishap, the unfortunate man can be seen dusting himself off and picking up his bag, which appears to have spilled its contents, before heading on his way, as he takes a sly look round to see if anyone has witnessed the tumble.

The clip, entitled "Man falls outside Doncaster Motorcycles" has already been shared several times on social media.

It is not clear when the fall took place, but the footage was uploaded to YouTube earlier this week by a user called Dr Tepi and has already been shared on Facebook.