WATCH: Terrifying moment cyclist narrowly avoids being hit by car on Sheffield roundabout

Footage of the Hyundai from Luke Smith's helmet cam.Footage of the Hyundai from Luke Smith's helmet cam.
Footage of the Hyundai from Luke Smith's helmet cam.
This is the terrifying moment a cyclist narrowly avoided being hit by a car on a busy Sheffield roundabout.

Biker Luke Smith captured the frightening footage on a helmet cam as he made his daily commute - and was left shocked and shaken when the black Hyundai raced by just inches in front of him.

He said: "I would say the car was no more than 5cm from my front wheel. The driver didn't slow down or stop, just continued.

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"Fortunately I wasn't injured, just shaken and now a bit anxious on the road - particularly there."

The footage was recorded on June 7 at 7.57am - despite the date stamp on the video listing it as an hour earlier at 6.57am.

In the clip, Luke can be seen negotiating the roundabout with other vehicles passing him. As he approaches a road joining the roundabout from the left, a previously unseen Hyundai IX35 whizzes by directly in front of him, just inches from the camera.

He said: "They must have seen me as they had to leave their lane and move into the inside lane slightly to pass me."

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He has sent the video Derbyshire Police and says he has been told by the force that they are unable to act.

He said: "I spoke to an officer and they said they won't be doing anything.

"He asked me if it hit me or if I was injured and as I wasn't, he said they couldn't do anything. He said if I wanted something to be done I should find and contact witnesses."

He has now called on the force to contact the driver involved and warn them of their driving and has released the video to draw attention to the dangers cyclists face on the city's roads.

"If it had hit me it would have killed me," he added.

We have contacted Derbyshire Police for comment.