Watch: Sheffield jammers launch charity single

Maria Martin and fellow 'jammers'
Maria Martin and fellow 'jammers'

A brave young woman, tested to the limit by rare and painful illness, has linked with amateur jammers in Sheffield to launch a charity single.

Helped along by former Sheffield musician and recording artist Zenon Boczar, Maria Martin features on the single that has been produced purely to raise cash for children’s hospice Bluebell Wood.

Maria suffers from a number of debilitating conditions and has undergone surgery almost 30 times.

A few months ago she discovered jam nights run by Zenon at the Milestone pub, and credits them, and the great company there, for helping her to envisage a future for herself again.

Maria said: “Until three months ago I struggled with life but I loved to sing and someone told me about these jam nights in Sheffield.

“It’s now the first time I can see a future.

“It’s just incredible how the people involved in this project have looked after me and supported me.

“I can’t sing that well, however they encourage me as they know it helps me say how I really feel.”

Still very ill, Maria said the making of the single and fundraising activity has been ‘a dream come true’ for her.

She is full of praise for 37-year old Polish recording artist Zenon Boczar, who orchestrated the single, writing the song, Beautiful World, and pulling the ‘open mic family’ together to work for the great cause that is Bluebell Wood.

The single was released for download on September 28 and all proceeds will go to the charity.

Maria added: “I know how much music meant to me when I was in hospital and it still does, so if I could help someone else feel like I do now it would be great, but also raise money for a worthy charity.”

Beautiful World is available to download from iTunes and Amazon. Visit