WATCH: Doncaster mum and Big Brother star admits to making sex tape as daughter joins her on TV show

A Doncaster mum has admitted to making an X-rated sex tape - just days after entering TV's Big Brother alongside her daughter.

Friday, 9th June 2017, 2:29 pm
Updated Tuesday, 13th June 2017, 3:28 pm
Charlotte Keys and mum Mandy Longworth are starring on Big Brother. (Photo: Channel 5).

Doncaster mother and daughter duo Mandy Longworth and Charlotte Keys are among the contestants who entered the house for the 18th series of the show on Monday.

And 51-year-old Mandy has wasted no time in revealing her raunchy past to viewers - after revealing she filmed herself romping with Charlotte's dad in a saucy video.

The pair at an event in Doncaster in 2008.

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During a task on the Channel 5 show, she admitted that she had filmed herself having sex with Charlotte's dad before the pair split up - and the video was then leaked after being stolen from her home.

Revealing the raunchy secret on front of Charlotte, 24, on the show she said: “So Charlotte’s father and I did a tape, as you do, we’ve all done it – VHS back in the day – so…then we split up and moved on to different partners.

“Charlotte’s father’s partner moved in, so he thought ‘what can I do with this? Put it in the outside dog kennel.”

The pair at an event in Doncaster in 2008.

The story then took a turn as she revealed that a painter later got hold of it when he was paid to paint the kennel.

She continued: “He thought ‘s***, I’ve got a sex tape in there!’ went to retrieve it and it had gone. So he rang the painter and decorator and he said ‘oh yeah mate, I’ve got it. Sorry, I don’t know what it is, I was meant to bring it and give it to you’ – so he got it back.”

“Some years later, my then niece came up and said that this tape was doing the rounds. so I rang her father up and said ‘you idiot’!”

However it appears she took the privacy invasion in her stride, and she then added: “Well I was 7 stone 6 and I gave a great performance! It’s fine by me!”

Ahead of the show, the 51-year-old divorced antiques dealer claimed to have a better sex life than her daughter.

She said she wants to find love in the house "someone of a similar age, a bit of money and a man that hasn’t dated a lot of young women".

She added: "When you get to my age, life feels dull, I am still 21 in my head and I need stimulation. I need something stronger than coffee - Big Brother is that."

Meanwhile, Charlotte, who now lives in London, is an estate agent who's currently in a relationship but claims to have had the same boy hit on her and her mum.

She has dumped all her previous boyfriends and her friends describe her as the ‘Ice Queen’ because she never cries and she is usually cold to people when she first meets them.

Charlotte has a lot of strong opinions and says "she will be the most argumentative housemate in there".