Warning as slimmers use hairdryers to attempt to burn fat off in new weight loss craze

Men and women trying to melt their belly fat away with hairdryers are risking burns and skin infections, warns a leading surgeon.

Tuesday, 19th March 2019, 4:22 pm

​The latest social-media craze suggests pounds can be dumped by heat from the dryers.

But the fat-bursting fad not only risks skin damage - including serious second-degree burns - it will not help shed any weight, the warning adds.

Desperate to lose weight the lazy way, men and women are being advised to use hot compresses on their stomachs - and to add extra heat by training the hairdryer nozzle at pockets of stomach fat in a bid to prompt sweating and weight loss.

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"This will not have a satisfactory outcome, yet carries a risk of burning the abdomen," says London plastic surgeon Christopher Inglefield.

"To make matters worse, this could in turn cause blistering of the skin which in turn can cause infection. And in extreme cases this could lead to necrosis, which is death of the skin cells."

For those serious about losing extra inches sensibly and safely, but without going under the knife, there are treatments like Ultrashape which is available at Mr Inglefield's Wimpole Street Clinic, London Bridge Plastic Surgery.

Ultrashape offers a no-pain and no-downtime fat reduction system by targeting pockets of fat in hard to shift areas like the stomach by using a device that delivers ultrasonic waves.

"This is a safe, non-invasive procedure that doesn't use needles or incisions, with no scars or recovery time," says Mr Inglefiled.

"The exciting development this device brings is the ability to focus the ultrasound energy below the skin and destroy the fat cells without any harm to neighbouring tissues.

"The effect is permanent, so long as the patient maintains a good diet and exercise regime."