Warning over man in van who followed woman in Doncaster street

Yasmin Ineson
Yasmin Ineson

A woman has issued a warning about a man in a van who followed her as she walked home from work.

Yasmin Ineson, aged 18, was walking along Thorne Road, Wheatley, when she said a man in a white van asked her to go over to him.

She refused and he became sexually suggestive before following Yasmin as she made her way home at around 6am, last Sunday.

Yasmin, a bar worker, said the driver kept disappearing down side streets before re-appearing again further along the road and repeatedly calling for her to join him.

Fearing for her safety, she called her brother to meet her and claimed that when the van driver saw him he attempted to reverse into him in Norborough Road before driving off.

The incident was reported to South Yorkshire Police and CCTV cameras in the area are being checked.

Yasmin said the driver was of Eastern European appearance, in his 30s and was wearing a white vest and sunglasses.

She said: "I want this man caught because I am worried about what he is capable of.

"I saw the van parked as I was walking home and the man started shouting at me to go across. I ignored him and carried on walking but he started following me.

"He would disappear and I would think he had gone but then he would appear again.

"He was becoming more threatening with the things he was saying to me and I started to run to get away from him but at one point he cornered me with his van to try to stop me.

"I called my brother to meet me and the driver vanished again but when he came back and saw my brother he reversed and tried to knock my brother over.

"I want other women in the area to be on their guard after this."

A South Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said: "Just after 7am on Sunday, June 25, it was reported to police that a man driving down Thorne Road in Doncaster had followed and made inappropriate comments towards a woman walking down the street, before driving off.
"The incident is said to have happened at around 6am that morning.

"The man has been described as in his 30s with short hair and is said to have been wearing a white vest and dark sunglasses.

"This information was passed to officers who conducted a patrol of the area and CCTV will also be looked at.

"Officers regularly patrol that area and we’d always encourage anyone to report an incident or any concerns they have to us."

Anyone with information should call South Yorkshire Police on 101.