Warning over fake officials calling at South Yorkshire homes and asking for cash

A police warning has been issued over fake officials calling at homes in South Yorkshire and asking for cash.

South Yorkshire Police said there have been a number of reports of ‘bogus officials requesting money for fake services’.

Bogus officials have been calling at homes in South Yorkshire

Bogus officials have been calling at homes in South Yorkshire

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The force said: “Bogus officials are often cold callers, claiming to work for the local council, the NHS or other official organisations.

“Callers can often pretending to be carrying out maintenance or collecting money for local charities.

“Offenders may also work together to trick their way into people’s homes to steal money or valuable items, this is known as distraction burglary.

“Offenders may make themselves seem genuine and friendly at your front door, keeping you distracted, while their partner is in your home.”

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The force said employees of official organisations would never ask for cash or bank details at the door.

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Residents are urged for identification badges when strangers call at their homes and to call the organisation they claim to be from.

The force added: “If you are unsure, always call the company they are believed to be from, using a Yellow Pages or search engine. Never use the number given by the callers; this could also be bogus.

“Keep an eye out of your neighbours - vulnerable elderly and isolated people are often targeted.”